nervous to chill with this girl

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  1. so i met this girl at a party in the summer, shes so bomb. we're both 18 and seniors. started talking to her recently. we're hitting it off and seem to like each other. she wants to hang out this weekend! i obviously do but i'm nervous as shit. i'm going over to her house to watch a movie. i always get nervous as fuck before hanging out with any girl i like. can someone please give me advice or things i can do so i wont be nervous and i can keep my cool? i haven't seen her for months and gotta go see her and her parents and shit.... fuck.
  2. Smoke a fat blunt right before you go into her house. Nah... Just be confident. Relax, keep it cool. You're both the same age, so you should have a decent amount of shit in common, so don't trip about having conversations. Call yourself a boss right before you go. That works.
  3. Deep breaths, and dont smoke up before
  4. Only smoke if it helps
  5. Hahaha no i cant smoke before. When i gotta do shit that makes me nervous when i'm high i trip out. Keep em coming though guys i really want this to go well
  6. at her house?

    thats like her saying "lets fuck"..atleast thats what it always meant for me :p
  7. Don't think about the situation when you're there. The more you think about it, the more things you'll come up with to worry about. Just focus on what's going on, and be yourself. If you can't be yourself, you don't want to be in a relationship with her. Think of it as a test for her.. puts you on a kind of forward-thinking pedestal to boost your confidence.

    If you're not looking for a real relationship.. do whatever you need to to get it in, my man. :smoke:
  8. Come to the realization that asking this is pointless
    grab your balls and have a good time
  9. Well I know that smokeing before going in would make it much worse for me, so im gonna say to not smoke and do some streches before you go in, I would even take a couple shots of wiskey before I went in
  10. walk in
    walk out
  11. [​IMG]

  12. This haha. don't even worry about it, she's already down
  13. Get as drunk as possible before hand.
  14. hahaha story of OPs life
  15. hahaha do some stretches thats awesome
  16. [quote name='"Hypnocrite"']


    LOL OPs future has jus been read.
  17. fuck you guys lol
  18. You should also jack it beforehand. idk where i heard this, but if you ejaculate when you're nervous it'll help calm you down, especially if it has to do with girls.

    Maybe that's from a movie, are movies a reliable source? I've learned a lot about the female anatomy from movies, pornography to be exact. I've observed how to pleasure them after many hours scoping these videos. Damn just thinking about my research is making me touch myself. Are you gonna fap with me or what?
  19. lmao

    well if u fap b4 u go OP and bust a nut...then go chill with her,"If" things are getting sexual that nut u busted b4 u left WILL make u last wayy longer.
  20. ight good look man

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