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Nervous System in plants

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by MasterOG, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. I can't find the article posted awhile back talking about this type of thing.

    Specifically, the article explained why magic mushrooms are magic, for what purpose does the plant itself use psychedelic compounds. If I remember correctly, even though mushrooms don't have nervous systems they produce psilocybin as means to protect themselves from predators. When ingested, the animal or human who ate part of the mushroom is supposed to feel distressed.

    I'm certainly open to that possibility though. It's supposed to work as a defense mechanism, but people have been using them for thousands of years for different purposes.
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    You might want to check upon Mr Emoto and his 'what the bleep' cronies. He now says that his previous findings regarding how water molecules and ice crystals respnd to emotion wasn't meant as proper science, but art. Why? Because he was discovered to have falsified all his findings. The pictures of crystals that he said had formed because of positive and negative thoughts were actually hand picked. He didn't mention this at the time for some reason...:) A fraudster.

    There may well be more to reality than we can (currently) comprehend, but what we can't comprehend does not have to have a spooky cause.


    Edit: There is no doubt that playing sounds to plants affects them, but different researchers get different effects. Sometimes rock is better, sometimes classical, but sound in general seems to help growth. Why?:

    "...Wind also creates similar vibrations. When plants are regularly affected by wind, a hormone called ethylene is released. This hormone creates thicker, stronger stems and might be the same hormone released when plants are played music.

    However, too much of this hormone can stunt plant growth, which might be why music played for more than four hours a day can make plants sickly.

    There still has not been a lot of professional research on plants and stimuli, but there have been some new discoveries. In 2007, South Korean researcher Mi-Jeong Jeong studied plant genetics and their reaction to stimuli. He discovered that sounds at certain frequencies (125 Hz and 250 Hz) speed up genetic activity within rice plants..."

    It's already known that many plants grow stronger if their stems are shaken regularly, producing ethylene. The right length of shaking via music is bound to help.
  3. Just like everything any human has ever done.
  4. Humans can know how to do things
    Plants cannot
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    How do you know they don't?
  6. Have you ever seen a plant juggle?

    But seriously, plants don't have any kind of central nervous system. They don't do anything that would lead us to believe that they are sentient beings. You can believe whatever you want, but I'm going to believe plants can't think or feel until I see a reason to change my mind.
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    Oh fa sho I didn't mean to attack anyones opinion lol. In my opinion, and that's all it is, an opinion, plants do have feelings and emotions but it's just hard for us too see or measure

  8. Because I know they don't have nervous tissue and they don't have any kind of brain in even the slightest sense. So unless we're talking about magic here, there is no way for the plant to store knowledge (other than in its DNA). If you can't store knowledge, how would you know anything? While it's equally true that everything we do is the result of chemical reactions and electrical impulses, we still have an actual brain to save those reactions as neuron pathways and can later access those pathways to "remember" things.

    When we find some tissue in plants that can act as a nervous system, then we'll talk about plants knowing how to do things. Until then it's simply a pre-programmed genetic code that runs as it's programmed to run, with certain feedback systems but no real way to store, update and recall information other than the program itself.
  9. Don't vines grow on fences and buildings? Have you ever seen a melon plant shoot out it's little fingers and grab onto a fence it's near, but not touching? It knew it was there.

  10. I'm sure they have an understanding of where they are and the environment surrounding them
  11. Don't take this as 100% fact, but I'm pretty sure jelly fish do not have central nervous systems but they are still capable of responding to outside stimulants.
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    may i ask, OP, what inspired this thread?..
    sex in the garden perchance?
  13. True, but plants have no nervous tissue whatsoever.

    Jellyfish can sense and respond to stimulants, but they are incapable of thought or memory.

  14. lol just something i was curious about, i started a grow recently so yeah thats probably why
  15. ahh, shame, sounds like it could lead somewhere interesting/new/fun/exciting/original.
    or nut. lol .

  16. lol im sure it could lead somewhere, i still stand by my opinion, plants do have feelings! haha :D
  17. of course they do, your
    plants, and all plants for that matter,
    are a part of your own self, however minuscule that
    part may be! dwell on it ; D

  18. yea fa shoo! My plants got burned pretty bad about a week ago, a few days back i just sat down and poured my heart out to them lmao. I was like "cmon gals you can survive this, it isnt shit! I love you ladies too much to see you die on me, you can pull through!"

    Needless to say new leaf growth has started :hello:

  19. but how do they respond without any central nervous system? They have no centers to process any information, it almost seems impossible they're even alive lol
  20. yes yes YES! em-part your energy to them as much as possible! : )

    we're all connected, even more so than most would have you believe, gosh, it's pretty amazing actually how it all works together to produce an end to all, or a new beginning, depending on your outlook..

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