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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OwnGrown, May 22, 2010.

  1. Ok so I am pretty sure that i want to give growing a shot. But to be quite honest Im a bit paranoid about buying my seeds. Do i really have anything to worry about using my CC on a site? Ive read that its best not to have them sent to the place where you grow, that makes good sense but i dont really know if the advice is credible or just more paranoia. Any tips for this helpless newbie?
  2. Safe, good site. I'll be getting my seeds any day now.

    Also, I can't help you with the paranoia, since I ordered the seeds to my house, but I have no plan on growing anywhere near my house, a mile away to be exact.
  3. is there supposed to be a link? i didnt see one. also, did you just use your regular cc?

  4. Paranoia is your friend. Try to get your seeds sent to an alternate address such as a friend, P.O box, UPS box. There are plenty of people that order seeds to their grow on this site. I don't recommend it but they gotta go somewhere. In reality if the cops want you bad enough.. your fucked.

    The Attitude Seed Bank, World Wide Seeds, High Grade Seeds, Dr. Chronic, Hemp Depot are all excellent banks. Using your credit card is safe but I recommend getting a pre-paid international visa gift card that has no ties to you... It's relatively safe and if intercepted usually what happens is customs replaces contents with a letter of removal. It is very rarely heard of people getting arrested for buying seeds. Good Luck Man:smoke:
  5. Thank you.
    but i checked out the gift card idea. all the ones i found want name address and soc sec number. i dont know how they work. was i looking at the wrong ones?
  6. I ordered my seeds from Attitude seed bank using a pre-paid visa from a 7-eleven. I wasn't required to fill out anything, just pay the $4.95 + tax to activate it at the cash register along with the amount I wanted on it. I had the seeds delivered directly to me. You're able to track the order online, just keep an eye on it and I wouldn't worry about it unless it sits at a post office for awhile. I believe the worst that will happen if the post office suspects any wrong-doing is that they will just confiscate the item and leave you a note saying they did so.

    I saw an example of the note somewhere on this site I think. Usually nothing further happens from there.

  7. You can enter bogus information but that info you enter will have to match when checking out from the seed bank. Make sure it is an" all access visa card" Cash is also an option as it leaves no trail whatsoever but is a gamble. I used to do cash but now I feel comfortable enough to use my personal credit card. I know it is tracable but the Feds and Local Police have to have a warrant to search credit card transactions and at that point you have already reached the point of no return as they already have enough reasonable suspicion.

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