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  1. My ppm/tds meter died. I'm going to get one tomorrow but I'm like, wigging out. Then I started thinking (mind you, I'm still going to get a new one tomorrow), does anyone grow without any meters?
  2. My first grow I did and it was not good. Your ppm meter and your ph meter are the most important thing to have. I don't think many don't use them and the people that don't will never learn to grow a beautiful garden.
  3. Agree. No meter = waste of time....
  4. only way to successfully do it without meters is if you know the plant inside out your water and your nutes
  5. I ended up having to order it. Surprisingly, I'm not that nervous now. I'm pretty confident that I can continue to top off daily and it will be fine. Their growth has slowed and they are now starting to beef up.
  6. you'll be fine until you get a new one...depending on how many plants you have and if you're flowering or not it shouldn't fluctuate too greatly from the last time you checked it
  7. I've got two and we are 4 weeks into flowering but the ppm and ph are very predictable.
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    I strongly disagree with you. PH can go from 5.8 to 6.2 with in a day with in couple of days it might go far away from the acceptable levels.Sometimes it can stay in the range for couple of days. Two plants in exactly same conditions in DWC can have absolutely different PH readings in DWC system for example. In ebb and flow PH will flactuate as well. I have run two of those setups and this is what I have experienced.
    P.S. YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD PH/EC/PPM METER and check your levels daily! Unless of cos your goal is to fail or at best to have poor results..
    P.P.S. Check this out.
  9. Dude, I think I was just wondering if there were any super old schoolers that didn't use monitors. Not arguing the benefits of using one.
  10. was my ppm meter that broke. I still have my ph monitor.
  11. i have the hanna trimeter, but i know a lot of growers who had great success without meters. you just have to have to put the right things into your dwc. I use lucas formula and dont really have any use for the ppm/ec meter. i only us the ph meter and my grow is doing great.

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