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Nervous about smoking again

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BerryZ, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so I have been toking it up for about 2 years now and for the most part it has been almost every day. However, I haven't smoked in about a month now because the last time I smoked I had a really shitty experience. Nothing was out of the ordinary, it was just me chillin' in my room with my MFLB as usual....

    But then my heart started to race, I became short of breath, and I can't really describe it - but my throat felt like it was kind of swelling up. Needless to say I freaked the fuck out and it took all my willpower to just tough it out and not call 911. I slowly started to feel better as the high wore off but it scared the fuck out of me man....haven't touched any bud since.

    Of course I still wish to chief and I miss smoking very much, and tomorrow I plan on toking up again - hopefully uneventfully. Any idea what the fuck happened to me last month or any ways I can prevent it from happening again? If nothing goes wrong then tomorrow is gonna be fucking awesome due to this 4-week T-break I've sorta been on. Cheers
  2. Shit i just typed three huge paragraphs but i refreshed my page by accident before i sent it.. FML!

    Anyways i suggest drinking a glass of wine or two if you get too high to calm you down and take the edge off if you get to high, all it is it a little anxiety. It's perfectly normal. The key if mind over matter.

    What you need to do it think of it as a roller coaster, it will end shortly even if you don't like it.

    Try to let the high drift away, don't get so caught up in it and enjoy it. Letting loose is key to having an enjoyable high. Anyways, goodluck my friend!
  3. Sounds like you just got way too high man. I know if im dehydrated the slightest bit, my high hits me 10x harder Haha. And anxiety is harder to control when you are baked so you just keep overthinking it.
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    Thanks man...yea I thought I was pretty good at controlling highs and riding the so called "roller coaster" considering I've been through one or two bad acid/shroom trips - but this was a physical thing not a mental so a bit scarier for me I suppose. As for the wine, that sounds like a good suggestion, but I am only 19 and sure I have my ways of getting the drank when I need it, but it's not the easiest thing for me to procure lol - anything else that would help?

    Come to think of it, I had just got back from the gym and I probably was a little dehydrated since I'm not very good about drinking lots - especially when I workout. Ill make sure to drink plenty tmrw, thanks.
  5. Just hit a small bowl and kick back. Don't think about the high. Focus on a game or movie.

  6. Some relaxing tea remedies usually help a little bit, but besides that, cold showers, relaxing music and maybe a hobby or book to get your mind off things is the only thing i can think of.
  7. thanks mate, and grats on 1000
  8. Take it slow, take a hit and see how you feel in five minutes, repeat to find a nice gentle high. I know how you feel man, had a bad experience one. Take a deep breath and enjoy the herb
  9. Sounds like you started having a panic attack. I have some anxiety and a real strong sativa will do that to me sometimes. I take an unmentionable they give for panic attacks. That is the only way to make it stop when I start to have one. 2mg works beautifully
  10. Whatever you do, don't dwell on the bad feelings and convince yourself that you have them. I dug myself into a panic attack/anxiety ditch after having a bad experience like that. Convince yourself you are fine and smoke with a friend. That always helps. Also, realize you have these uncomfortable physical things when sober and that being high just completely magnifies them. When you realize this, it'll be a whole lot easier to let them go.
  11. anxiety seems like, you should not smoke if it keeps up or you'll have panic attacks.
  12. When you do smoke, don't think of the last time!! You will just have another bad high. You have to make sure you are relaxed in a relaxed environment. Also, don't overdo it! You haven't smoked in a while, so you're going to have little to no tolerance.

    You have to remember that your throat was not swelling up.. it was all in your head. Marijuana has never killed a single soul.
  13. You could have had low blood sugar. Always make sure you have something to eat.
  14. Roll a joint, don't use your vape, that'll just make the high hit you way harder ecspecially if it's been a month since you last toked. Take a couple hits off the joint, see how you feel, If you feel like you can handle it, take a couple more. I have really bad anxiety and I used to get panic attacks everytime I smoked, You just have to train your brain to not see it as a threat. Good luck man.
  15. Like others have said, take it slower and your mind is the strongest controller, don't let it overpower you. You take control :smoke:
  16. thanks for the tips everyone, looking forward to tomorrow - going into it with a good vibe :) just picked up a g of some dankity dank and am rollin it as we speak
  17. sometimes you just end up hitting the pipe funny or inhaling wrong or somthing. or maybe you just took a hit that was way too huge. or some combination of those things. its more about the fact that you are smoking, rather than the fact that you are smoking pot.
  18. this, my heart started racing the other night and i started freaking out but i realized it was just a panic attack so i talked myself back to a chill place.

    edit: if it happens again just remain calm and talk yourself out of it. it will go away. now if only i had this power over the munchies...

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