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Nervous about new job drug testing!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greyfox175, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I'm fairly new to smoking. About ten months since I started, but I do smoke a couple times a day, every day or two. I just got hired for a pretty good full time job at a local financial office building and start in two days. The dress code is basically just jeans and a tshirt so I'm hoping they don't drug test at all, but if they do I am prepared for a urine test (substitute urine). However, I am very paranoid and am worried about them doing some other type of test other than urine. They have not even mentioned testing to me, but I did sign the consent thing on the application. Anyone have any advice or tips? Much appreciated.


    oh and also I am very athletic and workout 5-6 days a week, eat healthy, take vitamins and creatine, and drink plenty of water. Only saying this because I know those are all positives to getting THC out of your system lol
  2. If they already told you that you're hired to the point where you know that you're starting in two days and what the dress code is like, I doubt they're going to drug test you at this point.

    A drug test typically happens before they'll even tell you that you're hired. :p
  3. If you are receiving money from these people then I am sure you have received the company handbook...tells about all the rules you need to follow etc...HR hands them out, and makes us sign off when we get one.

    Read it well, and maybe you can relax a bit :bongin:

  4. Well that makes me feel a lot better. I'm still gonna be worried about it though lol I'll see how the first day goes. Thanks for the quick reply!

    Also, awesome sig lol

  5. I didn't get any handbook yet or received any money yet haha. Just got interviewed and they told me I was hired. I start in two days.
  6. If they test at all it would most likely be urine, or a slim possibility of saliva. Other testing methods are not cost effective, and companies usually wont pay for other test unless an on the job accident occurs that requires medical attention.

  7. Ok great. Thanks! :)

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