nerves create life

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    Dudes, isnt it crazy how like nerves and muscles and cells an DNA formed our bodys and made us look like we do?? Like my brain hurts from the complexity of it all theres just infinate reasons for like an evolution an all the noise. Like either God or some invisable diety created these theories. Shiiit haha :hippie:

    Like dudes what do you think about what i said its way deep.
  2. i too have tied my brain in knots contemplating the sophistication of this body i currently inhabit... :smoking:
  3. like you have to have to have unlimited knowledge thats the only way you can find out, or talk to God!!
  4. The body is one complex organism. I enjoy just looking at my hand prints and pondering what came before us.
    You can't help but wonder what half the functions in our body actually do.

    All I know is that our bodies are running on one complicated equation of living!
  5. Your body is actually many complex organisms/microbes that formed symbiotic relationships over time and became inseparable, exactly like lichen.;)
  6. Humans are like functions.

    I/O (Yo :wave:)

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