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Nerve/Neuropathic Pain

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MerryGoanna, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. G'day tokers,

    I've had my wisdom teeth taken out and one of the few who suffers nerve damage from the operation. It's not a whole heap of fun. I am wondering if anyone is treating anything similar with cannabis, and what strains & methods are the most efficient/effective?

    All stories, information and input is appreciated
  2. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (the ugliest step-sister of all neuropathic / chronic pain conditions). Indica strains are my go-to. I don't find the sativas help as much. Romulan is really good, especially for night pain and insomnia. I could give a handful of other strains, but really I just like heavier indicas.
  3. Thanks EbAndFlow.

    I'm using mainly Northern Lights at the moment and just smoking. What method do you use?
  4. I use a vape during the day (Vapium Summit+ is my go-to, though I started with a MFLB). Then I make fudge once a month to have edibles for a month to help me sleep. I find that vaping doesn't last long enough to get you through the night, while edibles do.
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  5. I suffer from neuropathic pain in my back due to degenerative disk issues. I find high THC strains to help the best. When using higher CBD strains is seems to make me more aware of the pain. But everyone is different. I prefer to use a vape for plant and concentrate since it is so many times in a day to take. Edibles don't help me as much.

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  6. AC-DC works for me but I will mix it with a the strain in the evening. For whatever reason I need this high CBD strain. But I also get muscle spasms along with neuropathy

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  7. Using cannabis topically can help too for that kind of pain. Specifically finding CBD/THC tinctures that you can drop onto the healing/damaged gum area is one thing. I also make my own cannabis infused toothpaste to keep my teeth and, more specifically, gums in better health.

    Using lotions along the outside of the jaw might help a bit too.

    And I agree that sticking with indicas could be the best, and that mixing in the CBD with them is optimal.

    Sometimes when cannabis makes us more aware of pain, it's because it's healing it (like a scab is SUPER itchy) but that's up to you to decide, feel your way through.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback.

    High CBD strains are quite difficult to get hands on here in Australia. It's lucky enough that in the last couple years dealers have been significantly better with their understanding of their own product and are able to clarify what strains they have.
    I've been micro-dosing through the day with a one hitter with some Jack Frost and sometimes using Northern Lights before bed, either a bowl or a joint. I've also got some low dose edibles I've made, it all helps slightly.

    I definitely need to look into tinctures. Would be unreal if I was able to locate some high CBD low THC stuff, I think I would be able to have that and work no problems.
  9. While strains might be hard to find, hemp derived CBD tinctures are just a mail order away.

    The Realm of Caring (The Stanley Brothers) is the "most reputable" to go through. They partner with places that ship internationally, and I know Australia certainly has demand. Where there is demand... And the fun part is that it's most likely anything OTHER than the flower, so it is usually inconspicuous to get in the mail.

    But that's up to you.

    Realm of Caring (go to the bottom) I think this is the place most likely to ship to Australia, just based on a quick Google, so please please double check your options!

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