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Nerve Damage

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Kuumar, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. I have had ulnar nerve damage in both of my arms, this causes my 4th and 5th fingers to go numb, and occasionally hurt. I've been smoking a bit recently and I've noticed that weed makes the pain worse, Anyone have any similar experiences like this?
  2. yes, my mother has neuropathy (described as "the worst pain a human being can experience" by researchers and doctors). she says that marijuana sometimes Amplifies the pain although it was not exactly amazing weed or anything, but considering she had not smoked in a good 15-20 years, it probably would not have mattered at all.

    if you can, try taking a percocet or hydrocodone for that type of pain, then the weed should not bother you that much
  3. I have neuropathy as well and I dont notice a "increase" in pain when smoking, with that I think its more of taking your mind off of the physical pain so you dont stress the f@@k out and believe me it makes a huge difference
  4. I had a tumor in my lower spine that was pushing on nerves that went to my leg. I've never experienced anything more painful in my life. I couldn't smoke at the time because I couldn't walk and my parents weren't cool. I have permenant damage and sometimes i loose control of my toes and I get really bad pain in my leg. Also I can't feel my right buttcheek :D. Anyways I found traditional painkillers like oxy and stuff did nothing for me. The only thing they did was make me really tired so I could sleep.
  5. I have radial nerve damage, use edible cannabis (not weed, sarc.) and feel way better. Perhaps the key is not to smoke cannabis, but to ingest it.
  6. My back pain may be nerval. Whnever I smoke marijuana it feels like Im shitting sometimes. Like I cant control if my shit goes out... This is what makes me start to think marijuana may not be harmful for most but those with nerve related issues, the marijuana may make it worse. I DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL DEGREE THIS MAY NOT BE RIGHT
  7. I have nerve damage in my neck to C5,6 and 7 and radial nerve damage down my left side, weed helps the neck and shoulder pain and migraines, only if it a nice head high.

    Stoner highs are no good, well, still won't say no, but not to alleviate pain.
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    I hate the feeling of being high so I ingest enough to get a little buzzed and that seems to be enough to help for my neuropothy in my foot and for sciatica.
  9. I found this thread while searching to see if anyone else has experienced what I have. Glad to see it's not just in my head.

    I've got a herniated L5-S1 disc that pushes on the sciatic nerve to my left leg. A week and a half ago I tweaked it worse than I ever have to the point where the pain was so bad I had to catch an ambulance to the hospital. For the next few days I basically just laid on the floor on my back in pain while choking down Vicodin. Today was the first day I've been able to stand up perfectly straight and overall the pain is about 80% gone.

    During the course of all this I tried smoking a few times to ease the pain. The first was on the first day when it was at it's worst and I assure you that made the pain 100x more intense. I decided then that it be best for me to wait until I was better. I tried again yesterday and today, each with the same results, an amplification of the pain. Fortunately the pain is so minor now that I wasn't in agony, but it still was present enough to ruin any sort of high I would have gotten from the weed.

    Before this I smoked pretty much whenever I didn't have anything to do, so nights after work or weekends where I wasn't out and about. I would say daily, if not damn close, for the past year or so.

    I'm hoping the back heals enough that I can get back into it, because I miss it (more so the times with my friends while high) and am definitely experiencing insomnia without it (it's 4:42 and I'm registering and posting on this forum, yeah, really can't sleep)

    Anyway, I hope this helps or informs someone at some point.
  10. I had back surgery but still had problems with the sciatic nerve so I had been taking methadone for three years. A failed orthopedic surgery also left me with nerve pain. Needless to say taking three pain meds reeked havoc on my liver, hence the MMJ. It has helped but I hate feeling wasted so perhaps the tinctures that contain CBD maybe more helpful without the "drugged" effect.
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    I believe..Cannabis treats my ulnar nerve damage.
    My doctor made the comment you suggested bubble, edibles are way more effective.. but I will tell you this..smoking cannabis has reversed the numbing and tingling in my nerves that vicotin only masked..

    Perhaps you have the wrong strain...

    Bubba Kush is what I was smoking when one morning I woke up without the constant tingling, just as quickly, as it had appeared...i still have pain, and my fingers will "lock up" if i bend my elbow for a long time..hand washing dishes always get me, but other than that, cannabis has improved my quality of life.
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    I can see that happening as Cannabis can also heighten your senses as well. You need to talk to whoever your provider is and nail down a strain that will benefit your pain.

    I have talked to a few people on various forums and one of them who is a T5 Para recommended Cheese Quake from TGA Subcool Seeds for nerve and muscle pain. I have yet to try this, but for me Sage n Sour from TH Seeds is really been helpin me out with nerve and muscle spasms.

    That is the only downside to this MMJ stuff is finding something that works for you, as something that helps me may not help you :(. Just talk to people with the same conditions as you and test the different strains to see what works.

    And yes follow what others have said too, and possibly try to ingest some as you will get a more body effect. I have tried juicing Cannabis a few times too and I can tell you that it really works well + no psychoactiveness.

    Hey man I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Never had to go to the hospital, well maybe I should have lol. 15+ min just to get off the bed and the another 15+ min just to crawl over to the toilet and another 10 + min to figure out how to stand up to piss is no fun. Yes holding your pee for 45 minutes is a pain in the ass Definitely have had serious sleeping issues as well.

    I don't know your medicine of choice but...

    All I can say is blaze through a real strong indica right before bed to help you sleep for a few hours, when you wake up in the middle of the night because the pain, blaze again lol. Only thing that has helped me get a good 6 hours sleep through the night even if it is interrupted.

    Some Sativa doms work too but the only ones so far that have worked for me was Sage n Sour, Jack The Ripper, and some unknown diesel strain that a cancer patient gifted me. I haven't tried too many different strains since getting my recs so I'm sure there are more out there.
  13. A little detail in this thread those reading should notice....those claiming mmj made their pain worse, have neg rep, very few post if not just 1...I could be wrong but I smell troll droppings...

    Please don't feed trolls.
  14. Or maybe you are overlooking it, or haven't gone through that experience.

    First, I'd like to say that there is no difference between MMJ or Cannabis... People sometimes forget or don't know that fact. So out of the hundreds of different strains available to us are we supposed to just know right of the bat which one works for our conditions? I ran through at least 7-10 different strains before I hit one that helped alleviate my pain.

    So I know full well that some strains do not work for x problem and that is what these people are going through. Why not try to help if you have more experience (posts lol) then other people? Help educate which Cannabis works good for different aliments instead of trolling. They're not saying that all MMJ doesn't work for their pain, what they are saying is they haven't found the right strain. All Cannabis strains are medicinal in some way shape or form but not every strain works for the same aliments.

    Now if they came in here making outlandish claims of some sort I could see where you would be coming from.
  15. Cannabis effects people differently due to different methods of ingestion...so if you don't like the current feeling you get be pragmatic and find a way that works be it vaporizing, edibles, tinctures, oil dabs, etc.

  16. no trolling on my part..but thanks for the comment ( your 3rd post ever on GC)....not that YOU would be trolling, spreading misinformation, or even trying to discredit someone raising an alarm of possible propaganda...naaaaa YOU wouldn't be helping with that would you...:wave:

    I raised a concern over people with neg rep, people with little if no posting history, claiming MJ causes them MORE pain... (something I have never heard of in over 40 years of being around MJ and being an activist)
    I never said it wasn't possible...flying pigs are a possibility...doesn't mean it has happened.
  17. As suggested earlier. Try some different strains. Usally an Indica strain will help with pain much better than a Sativa. I have actually found that if I smoke Durban Poison it will sometimes make my joints hurt just a little. One puff of something with Indica in it it goes away.

    +1 on the edibles. Get something with a higher CBC rating.

    The earlier poster was correct, no difference between MMJ and Canabis. Same thing only if you are buying medical pot from a dispensary you know what you are getting and can make decisions on how to medicate your pain.
  18. Yet this is your second post in this thread that has been of no benefit. Meanwhile I have given exact strains that have worked for my situation (and other patients) and can be useful info for newer patients that haven't found what they are looking for yet.

    And post count matters right?? Because nobody can post comments with little insight...[​IMG]

    If you have been doing this for 40 years then you should definitely know that Cannabis can heighten the awareness of your senses. Now if this is so, can't you see that if the patient smoked a Sativa dominate strain they may not alleviate their muscle spasms or nerve pain? Thus making them more aware of their pain and it not working for them.

    No one is questioning your dedication to the boards or your MJ activism... YOU'RE just NOT HELPING the patients in this thread. I don't know or care about their rep or my post count. But when a patient says that MJ is not working for their pain, it seems to me like they are medicating with the wrong stuff.

    I'm not here to argue, I am on these boards to learn more and help others with the experiences I have had thus far. So blaze on :smoke:
  19. the post you seem to think deserve so much attention on your part, and used as an excuse to troll my post in this thread:


    Screen shot/pictures seem clear...(pictures/1000 words thing)
    they post what looks like propaganda in unison...
    I raise a potential concern...

    So...argue with the mods if you don't like my concerns over the two post in question. Don't troll or insult me.:wave:

  20. There is your answer ^^. I too have moderate Ulnar nerve damage. Too much Sativa actually seems to make you concentrate or notice the pain more. A nice Indica dominate helps ease it. :smoke:
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