Neptune Kush

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  1. Picking up a new strain this week.
    Give me some reviews on Neptune Kusk or may be called Neptune OG Kush
    I've never smoked it. Hadn't even heard about this strain.
    Leafly says it's a darn strong indica.

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  2. Sadly I wouldn't trust that it is a true strain....unless your getting it at a store or something...
    Everything off the street is either an og. Ocean grown. Or a kush
    Now its og kush lol
  3. That's why I was asking. It's Neptune Kush. Both the Neptune OG and Neptune Kush are on Leafly.
    I'll post pics when it's in hand.

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  4. My guys never failed me yet. It comes from someplace called Placerville, CA.
    I'll find out when I get it.

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