Nephew rant 3

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  1. This one has happened 8430 times. I was just layin in bed you know got that work flow tomorrow all day, I plug the fan in and ZAAABAKOBKAOBKDOFKGDOFGK. Fucking nephew has jammed sheetrock in it, crayons, glass, bb's, toys all in this fucking fan. At random times usually during the night when I finally get into a good sleep, it fucking hits these items in the fan and creates the LOUDEST noise and grinds for 30 seconds straight. Loud and annoying and shoots shit out of the front, usually landing inside my drink.

    This kid runs my life. God bless my soul and please help me anybody.
  2. Wake his ass up at 5am with a loud ass noise and then tell him "Do you like it? Thought not. Now stop putting shit in my fan."
  3. I'd say do something that sends a strong message that you're the boss. Even a serious talking to might do the job.
  4. LOL i suppose seeing as this is rant #3 that your family doesn't believe in corporal punishment. I admit i have noticed but not read the previous two rants, have you talked to his parents about his behavior yet?

    A good whooping especially in front of his parents would teach him that no matter where or who he is with, if he is misbehaving he will still get in trouble. Although i know that might not be acceptable depending on your situation.
  5. The first rant was understandable but it's two threads later, and you're just whining now. Do something about it. You have no right to complain if you're not trying at all to solve this problem. You're an adult living in someone else's house. Grow up and take some initiative.
  6. I see you haven't done the things I mentioned in the first thread. Make his life a living hell.
  7. i just dont like kids period. but ya that would piss me off.
    id try to make him learn but its your choice mein
  8. Damn dude quit whining. He's a little kid you did some fucked up shit when you were a kid. Keep your door locked or tell him not to go in your room.

    Act mature man
  9. Check your fan first? :smoke:
  10. he's 6, do something.
  11. What am I supposed to do beat the shit out of him? My sister will kill me. Lol. I do try to talk to him, stern talking's, ask him why he is an asshole to everybody and doesn't care about anything. He has been taking mountain dews out of the fridge and staying up till like midnight. Wtf is that shit. My sister yells at him but never hits him, he needs to have his ass spanked hard as fuck lol. I'm about to make another fucking nephew rant cause the ass tore the hell out of the shed out back, shits dumped everyplace, this that, fucking huge mess and this was the chillest spot ever had my stereo and i always smoke in there and it's fucked. lol

    I also work everyday and give my sister like 100$ a week so maybe I do have rights to kick his ass.
  12. Believe it or not, the little bugger looks up to you and wants your attention. Try a different approach. :smoke:
  13. That's the thing I do things with him I built a god damn tree house with him in the woods lol. I usually shoot his bb guns with him and hunt for these 3 bellend wood chucks that have been digging holes under the fence.
  14. Well either way one of you are in the others house. If your in their house just shut up and get your own place. If their in your house pull a fast one on him. Have your sister pack all his shit up and tell him he hasn't been a good kid so he has to go to another family who can help him. If he starts crying go up to him give him a hug and tell him "look I told you, to quit being such a brat I warned you about your actions." if he starts saying sorry ALOT then tell him" Look bud, I'll make a deal with you. If you start being a good kid then I'll tell your mom to let you stay" he should agree with that if he is crying.

    Im sick of seeing three of these stupid fuckin threads either give him a swat on the ass with a belt or do what I've said either move out or steer him straight. Don't be concerned on hurting his feelings because that's what helps guide him.

    See ya hope to not see another one of these threads.
  15. I've never seen so much hate directed towards a 6 year old.
  16. you gotta scare the shit out of him but seriously to the point of tears, just like put on a scary costume and sneak up on him while he's asleep or some shit.
    Just stare at him till he wakes up, shit would scare even me.
  17. Hes a kid you still gotta understand the kid. Are you seriously going to stoop to the level of a six year old and do the same thing he does, yeah that will teach him a lesson. Your his uncle why would you do anything more to give him a reason to dislike you?
  18. My idea was a good one. It scared me straight when I stole a pez dispenser and a pack of gum. Parent made me pack a grocery bag of clothes and took me to the store saying if they want to they can put me in jail. Better believe I was quiet the angel after that. I never hated my parents because I didn't know about their plan. That's what Im saying hes six he does have a mind of his own now. Scare him straight saying hes getting put into another family or taken to jail should do the trick.
  19. Dude, just spank the kid. One time will have him thinking you'll whoop his ass again.
  20. dude hes a kid.. ur an adult.. start thinkin smart man! When he puts shit in ur fan.. think of things to fuck up of his.. some kids u can just talk to and they get it and others you gotta show.. this kid u gotta show so start showing him he can't get away with what he does.. I'm sure there are things that he relys on u for.. maybe u gave him a video game or some shit.. whatever it is just take it from him and be like "stop putting shit in my fan! If I go 3 days without getting woke up and that fan blasting shit out at me then I'll give you back ______" or just be a dick back and go wake him up at night OR go put the fan in his room and then turn it on and start putting stuff in it until it starts making really loud noises and hits him in the face.

    fucked your shed up? fuck his toys up man.. just break one of his toys and when he cries and complain just be like "I thought we were breaking stuff with no consequences" or "I'll break your toys if you break mine" simple shit man.. ur the adult

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