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Nematodes for fungus gnats

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Rakk187, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. I recently ran into a problem that I seem to be having some difficulty resolving. I run hydro-buckets that are top fed by drip rings. A couple weeks ago I found fungus gnat larvae residing within each bucket. I did some research and found that beneficial nematodes would help resolve this problem, however all cases discussed pertained to soil growing mediums (I use expanded clay balls). I obtained some nematodes from my local garden shop, and following the directions exactly I treated my plants.

    I kept the nematodes refridgerated
    I applied them in the dark
    I mixed the nematode mix with water to apply

    I waited for about a week before I checked the fungus gnat situation again, this way the nematodes were not exposed to any more light than necessary. Unfortunately when I did check, the fungus gnat larvae were still present, however their population had declined.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with fungus gnats in hydro systems, or with nematodes in hydro systems, and may have a solution for my problem or an idea of the effectiveness of nematodes as a biological control in hydro systems.
  2. I also failed to mention that I have sticky fly paper set up throughout my room and on top of the buckets. I have not seen any adult fungus gnats on any of these sticky traps.
  3. I have not used nematode, just heard about it but a friend
    told me to keep a pan of soapy water in the room. The gnats
    like the bubbles, they fly into it and drown. My water is
    always full of gnats,it works. What I don't know is if they
    have already laid their eggs.
  4. slice of potato

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