Nelson B.C. is da shit

Discussion in 'General' started by jellyrollenmike, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. well heres a little story id like to tell about three bad brothers you know so well, michael g, daddio, and lil timmy. well me and timmy was cruisin down the street we was lookin for some girlies and a bumpin beat we run across my dad he looks rather glad well whats up pops you look happy tell me why and make it snappy well son listen closely i just got some bud makes me feel like a stud hittin on the ladies very nice

    any way whats weed called when its not bud but its like the little leaves just packed with tycomes you cant even see the weed its just white damn that shit was dank i got it up in nelson bc its legal there mofucka i love weed yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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