Neil Young's "Living with War"

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  1. I'm a big-time neil young fan.

    I somehow managed to miss the release of his new album.

    Anybody bought it or heard it and care to give me a review?

    He's touring again, so i geuss that aneurysm scare wasn't a huge deal
  2. more like a plea for attention.

    im saddened you are such a fan, i had so much respect for you.

  3. i :love: neil young, i didn't even know he was still coming out with new music, i'm going to pick up a bunch of CDs tommorrow, somebody review...go!
  4. ... what?
  5. I dont think its released yet, but you can stream the whole album from his website here:

    I'm listening to it right now. I've never really considered myself a Neil Young fan, but this is one hell of an album. Extremely powerful can hear the urgency in his voice. Maybe I'm just high, but its one of the most moving albums I've heard in a long time.

    Here is an excellent review of the album as well:
  6. Thanks buddy!

    rep +

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