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Discussion in 'General' started by Kieren123, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Hi guys, first time posting here on grass city! Hoping could get some advice/ guidance on my situation. I live in a fairly quiet street in the UK, not much drama goes on round here, if something happens every one in the village bloody knows about it! But recently my next door neighbour has started being funny about me smoking weed in the back garden and today I received a complaint from the council regarding the smell of it

    I only smoke it in the back garden when they are out at work or in the front porch at night when everyone’s asleep around midnight/1am any other time I go walk in the fields away from everyone else just to be respectful of my neighbours. But since this complaint has come through my mum has decided I can no longer smoke it in the garden/front porch. So I’m now trying to think of new ideas that I could do, thought about maybe building a shed in the garden and insulating the crap out of it and whack a extractor fan in there.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated, as I really can’t be arsed to go walk in the fields at 1am just to have a spliff!!
    Cheers guys and happy smoking
  2. Maybe they saw you smoking and didn't even smell it. A few bongs will get you high with less smell, just a suggestion.
  3. Don’t get along with bongs tend to stay away from them, stick to spliffs that’s what I enjoy
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  4. You can't really do much about the smell as I assume vaping isn't an option. Maybe they wanna smoke? Lol
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  5. I doubt they want to partake in it only option that I see is building a shed and try to seal it as good as I can and put a extractor fan in aswell, but all that requires £££’s
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  6. And no vaping isn’t a option, don’t see the hype around it all to be honest
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  7. If you have to that would probably work.
  8. Vaping is an awesome option. Don’t balk it until you have tried it. I’d rather smoke a joint but if not then I vape.

    I guess this isn’t your own home?
  9. How old are you dude lol just go for a walk if your neighbors are complaining..
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  10. You say what I think and I am trying to use my filter more. THANK YOU!!!!!!
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  11. It’s not the matter of a quick walk though, because it’s a compact little village there’s houses surrounding me, so a quick smoke before bed turns into a half hour walk round the field at 1am haha
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  12. Me and my girlfriend are currently living with my mum and little sister, trying to save up to move out. Working 6 days a week 5-5 typically all I wanna do at end of the day is have a lil smoke n chill
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  13. You're missing out. It tastes better, no or less lingering smell on you and in the space that you're vaping. I vape flower inside everyday, and friends and family who are anti-cannabis don't even sense the smell in my home.

    Aside from the fact that vaping flower below ~395°F/201°C doesn't release carcinogenic chemicals, which is the major advantage imo
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  14. Or you could get a sploof. Recycle an old paper towel roll, and fill it with fabric softener sheets for the clothing dryer. Bam, everything in your garden is springtime field scent instead of cannabis flower
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  15. Tried that and didn’t turn out well, the sploof went all black/brown and the smell started coming through half way through the spliff!
  16. How much of that stuff would you need to vape to get the same kind of high from a .5-1g spliff..?
  17. Why don't you buy a bong or pipe there's less smell that way.. when u smoke a J/spliff or blunt the smell travels where as a bong/pipe is 1 hit & within a few secs the winds took the smell away :confused_2: you could even keep the pipe/bong in a box outside if you can't stash it in your house lol
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  18. Vapes are really efficient as well, I’d try it
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  19. Don’t get along with bongs there not for me, have tried several different ones but spliffs are my go to. Pipe is a idea I could try out
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  20. If you know which neighbors have the problem with it, just watch the wind.

    I smoke alot in heavily traveled jobsites, near the contractor trailers and have yet to be smelled.

    Try a dug out and be more aware of your enviroment.
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