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  1. I got some new(Ish) neighbors and it turns out that they're some fine ass lesbians! Any suggestions on maybe how to get them dtf
  2. They're lesbians man. I doubt they'll do anything with you bro, unless you're a chick.
  3. Who knows? Atleast one of them could be bi bro lol I still got to try they both got some niice ass tits and straight cakes
  4. And I'm a Guy -.-
  5. smoke them out and then talk to them for a while and if you find out one is bi swag out and hit her with the tallywhacker and squirtle on her jigglypuffs
  6. Fuck ya! Lmfao that's what I was thinking I think I'm gonna take a bottle of wine or UV lol catch her slippin taking the trash out and head on in

  7. Lies. I nailed a lesbian once and yes i'm a dude
  8. lmaooo i love that dudes love lesbians so much that even when its clearly like a couple or some shit they still try to head on of luck to u bro......but to see what could happen watch the movie Sex Pot
  9. Just pull your cock out, lesbians love cock!

  10. Then, she was actual lesbian IMO is (or becomes) a lesbian, and for the time that they're a lesbian then...they sleep with women only...if they sleep with a male, they either weren't a lesbian in the first place, or they weren't any longer one at that point.
    A guy, can only ever say that he's either
    a: Slept with a straight girl
    b: Slept with a bi girl

    OP - Really?
    Just because they're gay doesn't mean that they're some kind of sexual freaks...IMO you'll just end up looking like a loser dipshit if you chase them...but hey, by all means go ahead and post the funny story up.
  11. You're definately gonna have a 3 some with them
  12. your fantasy is bewildering. most people who are not attracted to men (i.e. lesbians) will not have any desire to actually sleep with one. you don't fit into their lifestyle, now stop sexualizing women on the basis of their sexual attraction.
  13. You guys don't understand the possibility of one of them turning out to be bisexual and WHO KNOWS? maybe she needs to be dicked. Down every once in awhile. Lol

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