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neighbors dog gets smushed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Scapegoat Adams, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. ok so like five minutes ago i was sitting in my room playing guitar and i happen to look out my window at the same exact time where my neighbors dog got hit, run over, and smushed by a udf truck. im freaking out because there is guts n shit all over the road. blood is everywhere and i can see it out my window. idk what the fuck to do, i dont want my young neighbors seein this shit
  2. Better hope you got hardcore munchies.
  3. is it bad that i kind of wanted to laugh at this
    ehh who cares its probably a troll.
  4. Pics or GTFO

    Jk fuck that
  5. looks like you will be eating Korean this week
  6. If serious I would scoop that corpse up and dump it then knock on the owners door and give them the bad news. I would tell the parents not the kids.
  7. Either call animal control, or go out there and handle the clean up/informing its owners yourself.
    I'm assuming you'll choose the former.
  8. i guess they saw it too and a cop and another truck came up and they cleaned it up but theres still shit evrwhere. like i can still see blood and little chunks. so fuckin gross
  9. Bring your hose out there and clean it a lil, at least then you won't have to look at it.
  10. go over there and grab the parents that blood will stain the road
  11. they had a firetruck come out and hose it down. talk about redneck :/ but that was the sickest most fucked up thing evr. blood everywhr and i think i saw brains. and now my nieghbors little girl is outside crying. shes 5
  12. Haaaa sucks for her!
  13. thats fucked up
  14. Shit happens man. Thats real life homie. Same thing can happen to us.
  15. #18 SmokinTokes, Nov 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2011
    hahahahahhahahashah but seriously, funny comment:hello:

    :bolt::bongin: <-- what my reaction would be if i saw that dog

    Sidewalks. Most people don't walk in the middle of the street at 12:40am.
  16. that would be a dream come true for me. my neighbors dog is literally retarded and will bark at a leaf for an hour straight. im tired of gettin woken up 20x a day
  17. Dude close the curtains and pretend it didnt happen :bolt:

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