Neighbors claim pot grow ruining their life

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by tharedhead, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. "Hello we're from Channel 2 News!"

    I don't think they'd want to answer anyways. Especially when you are on their side of the house by a fence...

    I could see these people getting busted by the Fed now. Since it is still illegal under Federal Laws.
  2. It's bullshit they say it gives them a headache... That bitch needs to nut up. I want that garden btw, I'm suprised nobody rips them..
  3. headache my ass clearly that old hag is lying really study how she reacts body language pauses thats my take on this BULLSHITcomplaints because society still cant except a perfectly natural and legal medicine they need to mind there own business and quit harrassing innocent people who are abiding by the law and simply growing there medicine for a medicinal purpose.
  4. Has anyone ever smelled a chesnut tree. Well those things reek. Would thAt also be such a big deal?
    Its a freaking plant that god put on this earth whAt right do they have to tell. Us
  5. Ginko fruit,too. Its all over the place here in the fall.

    The Fair Maidenhair-tree - Ginkgo

  6. wow fuck that old lady. WOE IS ME, i can see the tops of the plants from my house! and the SMELL, it gives me headaches. what a bunch of crap. and you can hear the hum of something you cant identify, how AWFUL for you! you know what else hums? A/C units, stfuuuu
  7. I so want to sign her up to the Durian of the Month Club
    Durian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  8. That old lady fuckin piisses me off. What a fuckin lier.
    Man I feel bad for the farmer. Having his crops being filmed and so much attention to it. When the news helicopter was flying over he musta been like WTF
  9. So there anti pot and have gotten together with there neighbors to fabricate the same story to demonize medical marijuana growers.

    What nazi's
  10. I'd be pretty pissed if I was in the growers' shoes, I mean all their doing is growing LEGAL medicine for their own benefit and they have to deal with this bullshit.
  11. So their complaints essentially amount to this:

    The smell is "sickening"
    One house emits a so-called "hum"
    People moving around and using lights at night, inside something called a "watched tower"

    For starters, the smell complaint is bullshit, there are numerous legal plants with pungent odors. Hell, skunks run around all the time and blast almost the same smell.

    The "hum" - what the fuck, this and the third complaint go hand in hand because these are completely legal activities, that other houses on that same block are probably "guilty" of, but because these houses are growing marijuana, it must be the most devious, insidious activities going on inside.

    That lady is just some old woman looking for something to complain about, this week it's the grow-op next door, next week it's the arrangement of the lawn furniture across the street. But, the media is happy to pick up on a story that can help demonize pot.
  12. legal or illegal its medicinal
  13. Shes just an old grumpy woman, I hate them man. But they exist, and they suck.
    She gets headaches every morning because shes fucking 90 years old.


    They wont let us do nothin!
  15. That was pretty stupid, why would they complain it's not like their growing for Mexican cartel with a shitload of guns annoying the neighbors why won't they just leave them alone, it seems like suburban neighbors especially old ones just need something to complain about.
  16. At least those reporters didn't make a joke of it like the goons on most mainstream media networks
  17. 3 words for that lady
  18. LOL those plants are not even flowering or just starting to from what I see - There is pretty much little to no smell to be had and even when they fully flower and outdoor op does not smell nearly like an indoor due to concentration, yea it smells but it cant possibly be giving that lying bitch a headache.
  19. i want that set up its fucking dope, plants covering the backyard and chill shed/ indoor grow op

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