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Neighbors can smell smoke from my apartment?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cheese shoes, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,
    First time poster here, long time reader. I recently moved from the US to Austria for a year to study. I have my own flat and it's dope, and I started toking here alittle over a month ago.
    So now, Friday night rolls up. It's 130 am and I'm just hanging out on my computer after a few huge bong rips. I hear my neighbor upstairs lose his shit and come down to my flat door and just wails on it, I mean it sounded like it was about to break honestly. I just pretended not to be home, or just pretend to be asleep. I've smoked since, and haven't heard anything since. No notes on my door, nothing.
    So my question is how can I hide the smell?
    So my set up on that night was me, next to my window(both wide open) and I'm on the 4th floor of my complex. I used to blow smoke straight out the window, but since that night i figured that it might've been fucking me. For smell, I had a glade anti tobacco candle and was spraying Lysol maybe like 10 times.
    I always mix my bud with tobacco, because these damned Europeans turned me onto it, so that also helps(maybe?).
    Anyway, I need advice. I can't really make a sploof since Austria apparently doesn't have dryer sheets anywhere. I picked up some essential oils to make a spray, and a timed air freshener to hopefully help. And my building only has bathroom vents, and the rest of the building has wall radiators.
    Please help S.O.S.
  2. Put a wet towel under your door, smoke with the windows closed wait 20 mins until after your sesh, spray a Oder eating spray then open the window.

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  3. I lived in a condo once where every time my downstairs neighbor smokedr weed I could smell it. I wasn't toking at the time and while I saw no smoke, a couple of times I did get a contact high. Nothing he did changed that. There is a lot of empty space in an apartment building. Vent shafts, etc. and it's all connected apartment to apartment like a chain. So like vents in your apartment from ceiling fans or whatever are going to be going into an open common area and that can make the smell permeate through neighboring apartments. If you've ever smelled someone else's cooking, this is what's going on. Also, if you blow it out your window, it will go into the apartment's around you if they have their windows open.

    I'd suggest either vaporizing, going for a walk, or trying a smoke buddy.
  4. Lysol has alcohol in it, and just like cologne or perfumes with alcohol, spraying that to cover the smell of weed will end up making it worse. I'd recommend a smoke buddy, some Ozium, and maybe smoking in the bathroom? It's not as comfortable as your room but you can turn on the shower after you sesh, and then turn on the vent in the ceiling or open the window. Candles are good, maybe candles with essential oils, and you could try to get some natural (no alcohol) perfume for the smell as well.
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  5. you can get smoke buddies online. You want me to mail you a box of dryer sheets, lol?

    Disguising the smell is big problem for me too. The smell stays on me no matter what I do.
  6. It's your place, just do what you want.

  7. I live in a four house apartment complex 2 apartments downstairs 2 upstairs and I just stay away from combustible weed I smoke hash mainly but I feel like that doesn't linger or smell as bad as burnt marijuana. I'd suggest a vape. Ozium works really well too it's a spray most heads hops carry I use in my car.

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  8. Use ozium and febreze. Febreze gets rid of the smell more than Lysol and glade and shit. Like Kush Cookies said, smoke with the windows closed and then about 20 minutes later, open windows and spray ozium/ febreze.

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  9. Yes i agree with the other poster. Buy a smoke buddy online. Just put a towel under your door, spray some fragrance and blow into smoke buddy. You will be happy with the results homie.
  10. A smoke buddy and a scented candle usually handles the smell.
  11. Lol im suffering pretty bad too. I just got some new neighbors recently... i think they are gay, might have a kid, or maybe they college buddies and a sister came over with her baby or something. So the other day i picked up some wax. This shit must be skunky as fuck or im being overly paranoid. I took a nice big dab, havent been high in a few days. Immediately i notice how pungent this wax is, or im freaking out. I hear the neighors talking or something. Something like i have to report this shit. I feel like the smell, seeped through the walls and into their apartment. I live in townhomes. Ones connected. I blow out sploof and i feel like it doesnt work. Either my smell senses is fucked or it goes through my wall, my closet wall, and then my hallway wall with stairs. I even do it in my other closet away from that wall. Could it reek into their apartment? Wax, sometimes vaporized. Sometimes rig. Its scaring me shitless honestly. cant enjoy being high anymore. just worried ima get in trouble. Fucking american laws

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  12. Start boiling cabbage everyday, and unless they're a cabbage lover like me, they'll be begging for the smell of that sweet cheeba. lol
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  13. The OP lives in Austria which makes a huge difference on what you can and cannot do.

    OP get a vape and ditch the tobacco (technically you can vape tobacco but it will get your rig nasty quicker).
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  14. Using a hemp wick to light my bud helps cover up the smell. I also use a strong scented candle and keep some febreze nearby.
  15. How would using hempwick effect the smell?

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  16. The burning of a hemp wick creates its own smell that helps cover up the weed smell.
  17. Go to your local tobacco shop and look for a specific brand of candle and spray called smoke odor exterminator they come in all different scents and work better than anything else I've tried by far

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  18. Smokebuddy!

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