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  1. So I live in a decently rural ish(it sure as hell isnt a suburb) town, and I wanna grow a few personal plants. However there is a huge hunting culture in this town. How do you determine where the hunters (and others) go and don't go? They are my biggest concern. I've identified a few nice large patches of woods I am considering already but don't want my shit stolen or reported. Although out here I'm more worried about the stealing or ripping down of it.
  2. You could always use hunting tactics yourself. Buy a trail cam and set it up with the widest view possible on the location you like best. Let it sit for a while, checking it a few times a week until you feel confident nobody's scouting/hunting your spot. This isn't foolproof though. As you might know, hunters can be unpredictable in how they select their locations and can be pretty mobile, depending on the type of game they're after. What's the ownership situation with the land (private property, natl. forest, WMA)? Also, if you've got hunters, you might have to worry about DNR officers as well.
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  3. When I use to play Hide n' Seek, LOL! I have always found that the most obvious grow sites was truly the least obvious grow sites. When I was a kid, something like 12, I took some seeds from my cus, and in my middle school, they had this little garden atrium when you walked into the school, and I planted (3) plants in there, and it wasn't until one of those plants was like (2) feet tall before they noticed it. Seriously I would walk by it everyday and just laugh, LOL. And yeah, in the end I did get in trouble for it, but it was so worth it, hehe! Anyway, when I was a kid, years ago, I would grow plants everywhere, and I never really lost any when I finally realized what I stated at the start of this post!
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  4. I'm lookin at state forest areas. Don't wanna grow on private property, too many people that might shoot me. Thanks for the tip on the hunting cam. I'm actually paranoid that someone might use that same tactic against me. For example, someone stumbles upon my grow, then sets up their own little camera hidden in a tree to find out who is growing the plant. Rational fear or way too paranoid?
  5. Too paranoid, they're not going to set up a camera just to see what a marijuana grower looks like. The worst they would do is steal your plant or report it to the police. And police don't really care about a few plants
  6. You might want to be careful with the state land if you get caught they might up the charge on you and my self being a Hunter I tend to stay towards game trails (beaten down path made by animals) so if you go somewhere in the thick of it all that'd be best..but during the summer there's no big game animals you can hunt so your safe there but once deer season comes around you're screwed buddy

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  7. As a hunter...I can assure you your worst fear is if it's near maturity, we might strip a couple buds. Aside from that, we don't give a fuck about a few more plants, we're worried about people who fuck with the animal populations, hurt them, or drive them away, or people who screw with our cameras, stands, or blinds.

    Your neighbors? I couldn't say.
  8. Not sure what state your in but here hunting season doesn't usually start til after harvest... As for rippers and thieves, never put all your eggs in one basket and plan for some kind of loss... If the garden is truly blessed there will be enough for both the thief and the farmer

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