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Neighborhood suspicion.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AthenaCentral, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I'm currently living with my parents. This is thanks to a combination of circumstances. I won't bother getting into them. Basically, they know I smoke. They are okay with it. The thing is, they strongly dislike the smell. Thus, I've taken to toking in our old camper that we don't use anymore.

    I occasionally have a friend come over to join me since he lives fairly close. He may come over for a hour, leave, come back a few hours later, so on and so forth. We always go into my camper for however long they are there, then I see them out afterwards.

    Do you think my next door neighbors might think we're smoking pot? They're pretty reserved white people. They certainly can't smell it, nor would they likely know what the smell was even if they could. But I'm not sure if they would think anything is fishy.

    What's your opinion on the situation? Would you think anything is odd if you were my neighbors?
  2. They either suspect nothing, or they think you're a dealer. Being a white person growing up with white parents, I know that reserved white people assume the "worst" of minutely "shady" behaviour.

    edit: I gotta say, I like the sound of your setup. Is there power in the camper?
  3. Who cares if they know? If they live in "the ghettos of New York" I'm sure they wouldn't give two shits about some dude smoking weed.
  4. You're paranoid haha, unless you have incredibly nosy neighbors then i don't think they would know. :smoke:
  5. if i was your neighbor id prolly guess you were having same gay old butt sex with that guy in the camper. thats a serious response too.
  6. They probably do find it suspicious, that is if they're as reserved as you say they are. People like that find suspicion in everything. I wouldn't sweat it though. Your respecting your parents by going out to the camper and not doing anything wrong, so what can they really say? Your of age and on your own property so if I was you I wouldn't care either way if they knew or not.
  7. Coming and going every few minutes looks weird. Every few hours? Nothing weird or suspicious unless you guys are weird and suspicious in general.
  8. 9D3 : Yessir. I have a heater, stereo, lights, etc.
    Pretty comfy environment.

    ddog7x : Well, I live more on the outskirts of the "real" ghetto. We have still yet to be absorbed.
    My neighbors have been known in the past to be jerks. They called animal control before because our dogs were barking too loudly instead of just telling us to keep them a bit more quiet.

    OzzyToker : I'm not paranoid. My smoking buddy and my parents our. It helps to be surrounded by people that make you doubt yourself though. It means you're more likely to be smart in your planning.
  9. ElectricWarrior : Well... My sexuality is fairly open and he does look pretty feminine. While we do not engage in such actions, I wouldn't doubt that my neighbors would believe that.

    zknewman : True. True.

    glasslover420 : I do act loopy sometimes. But that's just who I am.

    Another thing is that I occasionally carry things back and forth from the camper. Usually a bag with my bong and assorted other smoking utensils in it. It's a fairly average looking bag though. Nothing really fishy.
  10. Just hang a sign reading "Thank you for Not smoking", that should clear up any suspicions they might have:smoke:

  11. bp4er : That would work if not for the fact that my friend smokes cigarettes.
    Everybody in the neighborhood has seen him smoking and he smells like an ashtray 24/7.
  12. Don't worry.

    I had worst neighbor, they called cops daily. Cops don't care about bid, but keep music down.
  13. Haha my homie has a camper and we always smoke in it after work and it is one if my favorite toking places, its got a generator and a couch and a propane oven thing that is great fir making edibles. This one time we had to pick up a pizza and it was raining so we didn't wanna go back out to his car so we just drove the camper and it was the funnest shit
  14. Niiiiice. I'm stoned right now and that sounds like a great place to smoke!
  15. I don't think they really have any recourse for what you are doing on your (parents') property if you don't disturb them. Going to and from a camper on your property doesn't seem suspicious to me at all. It's not really any different from going into a shed/garage on your property. Hell, you could be living in the camper, for all they know (EDIT: which would explain things like carrying a bag to/from, etc).

    Keep the noise down (and anything else they could complain about), and everything should be fine :smoke:

    EDIT: btw, it sounds like you've got an awesome sesh spot :)
  16. They either think that kids got a cool chill spot, or that twat is selling the drugs on my block!

    But still...
  17. Put a sign up saying Bible Study 4:20pm or some shit,

    Lol...Idk I laughed
  18. Even if you did raise an eyebrow or two...What could they do? Call the cops and report...What, exactly?:cool:
  19. if people come and go a lot, then they would wonder.

    I mean like 10-15 people per day coming for less than 10 minutes would get them talking. Your neighbors prolly figure you're playing video games
  20. #20 PCjabber, Nov 21, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 21, 2011
    Obviously: someone who isn't bothering them, sitting in a camper on his parents' property (not trespassing). :rolleyes: :cool:

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