Neighborhood Drug Lords

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by combat rock x, May 14, 2006.

  1. There have been huge drug busts in my town what seems like everyday now, but there was one that was really surprising recently.

    Apparently in a suburbia neighborhood there were some drug dealers running operations out of theie house, and obviously moving some serious weight. A U-Haul was backed into the garage, and one neighbor, who saw no other cars/lights at the house, thought it was being robbed. So the good ol neighbor called the cops, who then found that the "robbers" were actually loading the truck full of pot. I actually found it kind of humorous.
  2. stupis ass nosey nieghbors :mad: :rolleyes:
  3. i bet they got arrested, i woulda checked their shit after the cops left. You would have found some weed or something. Breakin the law Breakin the law! lol

    Breaking and entering is a serious crime.:p
  4. LMFAO
  5. Tell me about it, 3 years...

    But to the guy who made this thread, Aient no drug lords bro. They movin weight but not drug lord status im sure.

    You shoulda checked the place out for shit stashed.
  6. lol funny as story but like always its the stupidest things that really get people caught.
  7. that sucks prices will be going up in your area is my guess at least for a little bit lol

    as stated before go check the house for left over LB's lol

  8. Yeah it took a week for everyone in my area to reup.
  9. I doubt you could though. You ever see the result after a drug busts? They watch that place for days, sometimes even weeks.
  10. We have had way too many busts around here. This town is dry. I can't even get swaag! I mean my dealer had to call his dealers and so on for me just to get a dime. I mean come on. They really are coming down hard on drugs around here.
  11. DAMN! lol what state u in man? ill make a delivery and save you all kinda biblical jesus like....
  12. Haha yeah i'll be like United Pot Service and have that next-day delivery.

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