Neighborhood dogs barking!!

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  1. A hour ago I packd a bowl of hookah and I heard some slight dog barking. As I was heating up my coals I started to notice the dogs barking at each other. The were screaming at each other across the whole Fuknn city. I could feel some tension in the air because everyone has their windows open this time of day (I live in a small suburb) so I knew I wasn't the only person ready to kick some dog barking head in. But yet for the remainder of my hookah sesh the dogs keptt barkingg. It's now 9pm and only my neighbors dog and the dog a block down are still talking.

    Does anyone have a solution?
  2. Yell "Shut the fuck up" out the window.
  3. I've heard 3 different "shut the fuck ups" tonight. It's soo fukn funny haha
  4. They're barking at Aliens...
  5. Those dogs are actually drug dogs you might wanna get the fuck outta there, you know why? I called the police.
  6. throw a steak over the fence
  7. Ignore them. If you can't do that then call the cops and file an anonymous noise complaint. If you can't do that then take them a couple of raw steaks with weed shoved inside.
  8. Just get them high.
  9. one morning my neighbors kids were having some kind of contest of who can scream bloody murder the loudest... so i walked out back after 5 mins of it and scram "SHUT THE FUCKING HELL UP IM TRYING TO SLEEP" as violently as i could and within a few seconds i hear their dad telling to hurry up and get back inside the house :) i've never had a problem with them making loud noises in the morning anymore :) Idk if this would work with dogs though
  10. Same thing I was about to type
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    Bahhaha I ended up having to smoke myself into a coma to fall asleep. We will have to see if this keeps up the rest weeken.
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    dogs bark for a reason, it's their owners problem. if it bothers you that much then go talk to them, bitching about it will solve nothing.
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    Lol please, I am not bitching about anything. Was just wondering if you've ever experienced the same thing and how'd you cope?
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    My dog barks for anything so I try to do whatever I can to shut him up so he doesn't bother neighbors. I've been in your situation before, all I've done was closed my window and eventually tuned it out. Unfortunately, not much you can do when you can't control it :(
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    that is not true at all. they will bark at any animal or moving object. its not the owners fault.

    also your lookin fine in your avatar
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    Yup yup my neighbor has a small dog with a high pitch bark. I want to kill it at some moments. What kind of dog do you have?

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