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neighbor watched me toke haha.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Brahski, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. So I was chiefin' a couple blowls of a homemade bong on my back deck before bed when I see my neighbor's garage door is open and the light is on. Now he's got like a 7ft fence but on my deck I can see right through the door. I hear someone try to light a lighter a couple of times so I move to my left a little, saw nothing. I moved back to my right a little and apparently they saw me lol.

    I see someone go to the door and start looking out it, I can see it's someone with kinda long hair, either my hippie neighbor or his wife or some shit. They stick thier head out more cause there was a telephone pole blocking his/her view. I start moving to the right more out of their view 'cause I was in mid-bong-rip and they kept watching me.

    So I finally get out of full view and he/she just shuts the door lol. I've seen them a couple time and they def look like old school hippies. Hey, next time I see them I might just ask them to match haha. So I just smoked a cig and headed inside. well, my story of the night, just thought I'd share, later GC.

    -sorry, this may have not made much sense atm. :smoke:
  2. lol nice. sendin love to ya brahhh
  3. lol at least you think there cool with smoking
    when i smoke out back i get spooked my neighbor will trip and call police or tell me something lol
  4. yeah i was smokin out the back this afternoon and i thought that my neighbour who was out there too might hear me lighting the bong and the bubbling sound it makes
  5. damn, was out there last night, acctually trying to hide that I was smoking too. one of 'em saw me and immediately got up and slammed the door shut. wtf?
  6. I was smoking on my front step around 5:30am because it's a peaceful time, and I had my hood up. So I hit my bong, exhale, look to my left and see my neighbor across the street getting in his car.... He's a cop.
  7. haha, theres a gap in my fence and my neighbors can see right in my room if i keep my door open, i usually have seshes with the door open, loud ass music playing, blacklights and bongs all in plain view from their yard. they are old but cool. pretty sure they saw my plants now that i think about it..lol
  8. I watched my neigbor smoke a bowl last night, made me upset because I'm dry. Fucker just walks out on his front porch and starts toking, it's not an unbusy street or anything...
  9. today i was smoking out of my bowl in my backyard. i was facing my house and then i hear someone talking behind me and i turn around to see my neighbor standing on his deck where he can clearly see me. he was walking from the side of his deck closest to me to his door. i know he saw me cuz he had to of smelled it and he just got home because i heard him get off of his car so why else would he have went straight into his backyard? hahaha ohh well.

  10. haha smoke him out

    I usually smoke in the front of my house, sometimes i tend to talk shit about my neighbors when im smoking looking at everyone's houses. I was saying hella shit about one of them on day only to find out he was in his garage sitting on a lawn chair. I then realized that i was talking louder then a mother fucker. really bad awkward moment.

  11. hahahaha OHH SHIT
  12. Mey i ask why you were up so early? or was it really late lool.
  13. lmao reminds me of the time I was hotboxing my parents shed in the backyard with a friend, we exit and im holding the bong in my hand. We proceed to walk into the house but right before i get to the door i see my next door neighbor who is a cop out on his 2nd floor deck and hes just staring at me. Never been that freaked in my life. He didn't do shit though, hes the kinda cop that doesnt shit where he sleeps it seems.
  14. next time when you ask them to match, just pull out a blunt. They will think ur crazy cuz u just asked to match AND you will look bad ass.
  15. It's these weird buffalo people man. Just because our sports teams suck, they think they would have more fun watching their neighbours.

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