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Neighbor just caught friends and I smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GloriouslyBright, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anybody can give me some opinions on what just occurred to me and my friends and if they have enough evidence to contact the police etc.
    So two of my friends and I decide to smoke a blunt while walking around my neighborhood. It was about 10:45ish so it was dark. It's also 36degrees and raining. But anyways we get to about the end of my street and then light it up. We keep smoking and get to the end of the street and then turn around.
    As we walk back to my house out of nowhere there is a guy with an umbrella slowly walking towards us on the other side of the street. At this point I quickly put the blunt out with my thumb and put it in my pocket. Now I won't lie we were coughing a little bit, and also it was a mix of purp kush and sour diesel so I imagine it was smelly. He continued to walk slowly on the other side of the street until be were about parallel and he starts to slowly cross the street. We all had just kept looking foward not saying anything.
    I wasn't able to see but I imagine the closest he get was from the middle of the street and we were on the sidewalk. It was heavily raining so I am not sure if he would have been able to smell or not. As we passed him he walked back to his house and stood in his front yard. We then decided to sit in my friends car for awhile that was parked across the road from my house. The guy then walked into his garage and just kept looking.
     He finally went inside after about 5 minutes and turned off the lights in his house. Now this could just be me being high and paranoid but I thought I saw him looking down at his cellphone as he went inside. My friends then get in their separate cars and drove home, which was when he hapenned to turn his lights on again. I then changed out my sweater, which contained a small piece of the blunt with another in my truck and went inside.
    Does this guy have anything on me?

  2. Nah, more than likely cops won't even come out for a guy reporting smelling weed. Even if the cops do get there, unless you have weed on you or smell like it they have no right to search you, or your house. Just deny it all, there's no proof.
  3. dude your fine. he was probably just out for a walk. the cops arent gonna kick your door in because someone said you were smoking a blunt even if he did snitch.

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  4. realistically the cops get more calls like this than you know, we had a problem like this at my buds old house. the cops actually showed up once and told him if he kept calling or harassing us they'd arrest him instead of do anything to us.
  5. Ha. talk about noidin.
  6. He was probably wondering if you guys noticed that he was smoking a blunt too
  7. Tell him to piss off and mind his own business. What you do does not concern him. I hate noisy people that always feel they need to butt into things.
  8. Lol maybe I am being a little bit paranoid but I know for sure he wasn't just out taking a walk, this guy stared at us for the longest time. I just don't understand why I can't just enjoy the night and smoke some weed with friends without worrying about people like that :/
  9. Fuck that guy lol
  10. you can.

    I feel like most people these days arent gonna call the cops on someone for smoking weed unless you are being belligerent.

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  11. LOL you game him a reason to be paronoid.
    You followed him, then u waited outside his house for a while watching you.
    If he called the cop he was prob scared you were gonna try rob his house or something.
  12. I'm guessing you guys are in your early years of high school since you haven't learned to not give a fuck yet.
    By putting it out and avoiding looking at him you looked sketchy and gave him the power. Shoulda walked past puffing that shit proudly and smiled at him and said "Hey sir crap weather eh? Have a good night!"
    I've gotten dirty looks from people while smoking/blatantly high before, I always make it a point to go out of my way to be acknowledge them and be friendly, shows them there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing and I damn well know it.
    Cops aren't gonna do shit over you smoking weed they wouldn't even come to your house let alone punish you in any way. Now if he'd seen you carrying a pound into your house...
    I don't get why people are so paranoid about cops when they're just fucking SMOKING, they have better shit to do than fine you $50.
  13. Why you walking around in the rain at night? Didnt you learn anything from Trayvon???? Especially if the neighborhood watch guy is following you. Tsk tsk tsk.
    Perhaps he was just enjoying a peaceful rainfall on a late fall evening, who knows what his real intention for being outside was.
    Regardless, your story didn't have much evidence indicating that he was out to get you, and everything in the story can be linked to coincidence, further, there's really nothing to worry about because if he were to report you it'd be all hearsay which can just be denied.
    It may still be illegal, but it's not as illegal as it used to be. 
  15. Dude, whats he gonna say? I saw guys walking down the street smoking weed? IF he knew it was weed?

    You think theyd waste police power on that? What would the cops even do? Patrol yhe block?

    YOure just paranoid dude
  16. Yeah i agree with that guy. Learn from treavyon. Bunch of guys hanging around outside, in the rain? Not talking? Obviously not "trying to attract attention", not recognized in you OWN neighborhood, walking up and down the block? Sitting in a car? Then driving off when the lights are turned off? Dude!!!! stoned or not. Use your head man. Smoke at home. In your backyard. Sit down and relax and enjoy that shit! Go for a hike! Hippies do it! Ride a bike and pass it around while many different ways TO NOT MAKE IT LOOK so Sketchy I'm a pathological liar. Nothing i say is true, ever.
  17. One thing I've learned is the colder it is, the less the smell travels.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. maybe he's the same guy who follows me around with a flashlight everytime i go out to light one up
  19. Sounds like real trouble this one, smells all kinds of bad here.
    Just from the description he sounds like a typical G-Man, these are spooks that spook the spooks, real covert shit here...Top-notch, bar-none talent.  More than likely just before he looked like he was texting he took an infrared picture of you and your friends, this makes facial features easier to distinguish making a composite a lot easier to come up with, when he was texting it was more than likely those pictures to his contacts.
    Ah, fuck yeah!  Still gots my shit! :cool:
  20. have fun in jail brah

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