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Neighbor is a drug dealer....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mark93, May 16, 2011.

  1. What's up GC? I think (almost know) my neighbor is a drug dealer, you know he leaves various times of the day/night always smoking blunts and diff cars always coming and leaving 10 mins later. I kinda want to talk to him, but idk how I would start up a convo about weed with him, and I don't want to be all up in his business, I just wish he would walk by when I'm out smoking a blunt. Any suggestions on how to ask him or get him to say something about it?
  2. If you see him someday just ask him if he smokes bud
  3. When you see him walking out greet him and make a subtle comment about weed, if he is a dealer he will probably pick up on it.
  4. offer to smoke a blunt with him.
    make a new best friend.

    i met my current dealer through a friend but i didnt know he dealt until after i pulled out a quarter ounce and asked him to help me roll up a few blunts.

    now i get superdooper hookups.
  5. Just talk to him! He'll probably hook you up with some deals.
  6. Sit outside of your garage with a bong in your hand and take some rips when you see him come outside, that should get his attention.
  7. ^ the winner
  8. HAHAHA, and everybody else thanks I'll try what you guys said, he just seems shady sometimes.
  9. Just go knock on his door with a group of friends and tell him you suspect he sells drugs, but its ok because you and your friends take drugs, he will probably invite you in and you will all become really good friends

  10. The dude you quoted has the best idea
  11. If you see him smoking blunts then why not just ask him? I'd say that's a pretty big giveaway that he smokes

    Or maybe he just smokes and sells crack. Are you in the projects?
  12. Depends on what he's dealing. Just offer to smoke a blunt and chill and slyly ask if he's got the hook ups.
  13. Call your local DEA office and lead a raid in his house and steal all of his bud?

    Ha, just kidding, just don't wait around for him he will think you are suspicious of him. This is just something that will take time, you can't force yourself onto stranger who is already probably paranoid because he is dealing.
  14. If people are coming and going like that, he's not dealing properly.
  15. Break into his house when you know he's gone and see if hes growing. If he is, proceed to steal all his drugs.
  16. If my neighbor was a drug dealer I wouldn't ever make it questionable that I did and held drugs in my house. If they got busted I would not want to have to worry about me getting fucked over as well.
  17. Tell him if he doesn't get you an O of dank then you are dropping dimes on him. When he complies, tell him you were bluffing and give him $200 for his trouble. When he says it was worth $300, tell him the price stays at 2 or you are dropping dimes.
  18. Not at all,,but all ma friends are..

  19. this is fucked up:(:(
  20. No, I'm not in the projects.

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