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  1. So believe it or not one day my girlfriend ended up snapchatting me a picture of the first photo wondering if she thought what she saw was true. And knowing me and that I smoke she sent me this. (First photo) and then I told her that sure enough that it was. But hell why do I care make money and support your family the best you can. I came over a couple days later and grabbed a better photo through the fence board. Best I could tell was that they were maybe a male and indica. Not sure on male/female/hermy my I'm only guessing by the height and stature. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414251465.863740.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414251482.983661.jpg

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  2. My neighbor also grows I found out a few years ago. The first time I found them they were like 6 feet tall and full of bud but this year I found them in June when they were small then recently I found more they're really small tho. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414254348.641558.jpg
    You should go talk to your neighbor about it and just saw you saw his plants and everything maybe ask for some bud for silence or just tell him to hide it better

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  3. I would maybe go take a plant one night but that's just me because he has 3 so why not just be careful if you do.

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  4. Just tell him you know he grows and that when it's done you'd like to buy some from him at a friendly neighbor discount. Don't try to extort him. LOL at the guy above me. How would you like to be bribed for a natural herb in your back yard?
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    You are a dick. You don't blackmail your neighbor. That's bad Juju. You also don't steal from people. You want him to get shot or something? Seriously.
    Thats fucked up
  7. Its none of your business leave them alone.
    Plus plastering the photo's on a site accessible by anyone isn't the brightest idea.
  8. Definitely don't touch them, and I wouldn't even talk to him about it.  Could be his personal stash for the year.
  9. you sir are a dick!

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  10. Who cares they tiny plants anyway not even worth your time

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  11. Tell ya girlfriend to mind her own business
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  13. Not surprisingly it's the same guy for both...

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  14. Should probably stop snooping 'round your neighbors fence snapping pics. Invading his privacy and whatnot. Just leave it, bro.

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  15. Straight up. Dont mess around with his stuff. If you had plants you wouldn't want nosey people poking around, even if it was legak to grow.
  16. Is it? Attentions paid: 0
  17. I wouldn't say a thing, def not extort or steal. If he was doing a big grow op he prob wouldn't have a couple if plants outside so I'm guessing it's his personal stash, but in saying that those wee small plants that are budding have been started order for it to be that high and flowering. I would personally turn the other cheek, maybe if you see him outside one day casually ask if he smokes?

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