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Discussion in 'General' started by marktsunami, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, I got back from vacation yesterday to find that my cat has run away :(

    I've been checking with neighbors to see if anyone has seen her (There are only like 5 people who live on my street), and there's a house that nobody lives in for most of the year, so I went up to check if she could have gotten stuck anywhere. While I'm checking around the house, I hear a fan running. This is odd because there's hardly anyone ever at this house, so I didn't understand why they would leave something running.

    After poking around the house some more (I couldn't get inside, door was locked), I find a bulkhead door with an entrance to the basement. There are 3 exhaust tubes built into the side of the bulkhead, with a peculiar smell coming from them. MARIJUANA. I open the bulkhead, and see through a crack in the locked door that there is a single light on, and what appears to be the top of a tent. I also hear strong fans running from inside.

    So in your opinion GC, should I try to hang around the house and see if I can catch the guy and ask him if he would be my new dealer? I bet I could get hella good deals from him, but I'm not ABSOLUTELY positive that it really is a grow op. How should I approach him and hint that I know he grows?



    P.S. I live in the middle of nowhere, so it wouldn't be weird for me to just sit in a car in the driveway, no-one would notice.
  2. If you're smart, you'll walk away and pretend you never saw what you saw. Do you honestly think your neighbor is going to be happy about finding out you've been snooping around his property? I don't think so. And if he's the wrong kind of guy, it might get you killed. Walk away while you still have the use of both legs.
  3. Way to b & e dude. You should keep your mouth shut and stop snooping. Let the dude make some money and send his kids to college or whatever.

  4. I didn't break and enter, I specifically said I didn't go in the house, and I wouldn't have even if I could have.

    I should have mentioned, I've met the guy who owns the house before and he was actually quite nice.
  5. I bet he was nice. He didn't want to draw any negative attention to himself, I'm betting. That doesn't mean he will jump for joy when he finds out you were snooping around his house and found his secret grow. Thank about it.
  6. Yeah I'd just leave it alone, growers can get really sketchy about this shit, and with good reason. I'd just forget what you saw, there are loads of other dealers around.
  7. Nope. Just stay away. You have no idea how he rolls and have no reason to get in his business. And keep it to your damn self.
    Speaking as a grower.
  8. Okay I get the idea, this is exactly why I asked you guys, thanks :)
  9. Go into the house and go into the grow room and masturbate everywhere.
  10. Now that's ^^^^ funny:p

    In all seriousness & it doesn't matter how many times it's been said, stay away from the house.
    Not going to do you any good to get shot over someone elses paranoia.
    Good Luck my brother.
  11. I'd leave it alone especially if the guy is using the house just to grow. If its as secluded as you say why don't you set up a small grow for yourself! That would be badass.

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