Neighbhor just called the police on me

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  1. Long story, short. I think my neighbhors called the cops on me for smoking in my OWN driveway. Went back inside before the alley lights came zooming down the hill looking for me.

    Neighbhor is an old russian guy. Picked up the phone and stared at me straight on while talking, hung up furiously.

    Note: he has done this once before, and 5-0 zoomed by
  2. Tell him JEBEM TI RUSKU MATER!!!
  3. Tell him not to be a dick or you'll report him for espionage.
  4. I bet he's just mad because Russia STILL doesn't have a good seaport.
  5. Or good weed on that matter :D
  6. sounds like you're neighbor is a total dick..... or you need to stop smoking in the driveway.  maybe both :smoke:
  7. What the fuck does that mean? Haha

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  8. If you have a neighbor like this, depending on your state laws, I'd find a new spot.

    Sucks, but, this guy seems like a stick in the mud. So if your state isn't chill no need to get heat on you.

    Super fried though atm so this may be silly talk.

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  9. Smoke inside?
  10. "Fuck your Russian mother"
  11. Yea fuck ur neighbor but is he really worth the trouble of the popo? I would try and find another chill spot
  12. He's mad that after all these years you have never offered him a toke.
  13. Confront him?
    Maybe try the backyard, or perhaps the garage?
    Just some ideas... idk. 
  14. Get him a bottle of vodka and tell him to mind his own fkn business..
  15. he must be calling Putin for backup in preparation to cross into the border of your driveway.
    Crimea was first. Your driveway might be next!
  16. When the cops come say, yeah, theres this crazy machete wielding russian smoking weed :lol:

    Jk, dont do that.
  17. This is pretty common actually

    Self.righteous dicks think they doing good...

  18. Haha dude!!!! That's legit you know how do say that in Russian!!!! Are you fluent in Russian???

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  19. I understand half of it. Most Slavic languages are very similar. Most Slavic people are too; just like your neighbor, they're cranky as fuck.
  20. This guy sounds like a low life douchebag..

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