neglecting to shave and condoms kept me from having good sex last night..

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  1. so i just got out of a 9 month relationship with a girl whom i had unprotected sex with all the time, and i shave my pubes.
    which means like, i could feel pussy on my dick all the way up to where my cock meets my pelvis. but whenever you grow hair there, it's difficult to feel..

    so last night an ex of mine came over, we smoked a bowl in my front yard anda couple cigarettes, then i asked her if she wanted to go upstairs.
    we got up there, and as soon as we sit on my bed, she starts straddling me and getting all over me. in my head i'm just sitting there thinking ( FUUUUUUUCK, i didn't shave... goddamnit )
    so eventually we get naked and my self-conciousness about my pubes is keeping me from getting a good stiffy. but she gave me head & i was good to go.
    so we fucked for like a half an hour or longer and i kinda just lose it cause i wasn't feeling much from the condom, (it was one of those whack ass flavored ones... WHY DO THEY MAKE THEM FLAVORED ANYWAY??? who gets head with a condom ON??.. )
    so i'm just all pissed off at myself and shit cause if i woulda shaved this whole sexual experience could have gone on way longer.

    i wanted to pound her without a condom on sooooooooo bad though..

    she's like 4'10" and i'm 6', any tall guys agree with me that short chicks rule?

  2. im 5-11..yeah short chicks are the best...
  3. Short chicks are without a doubt sexy as fuuuuck man. Like don't get me wrong a chick who is taller then me usually has nice legs, but about a foot under me with long long hair, BBRRRR AHGHG.

    I'm Lovin it. :0

  4. their pussies are always so shallow and tight,
    and they're just downright sexy! :hello:
  5. Pro-Tip: It's a lot easier to pick up smaller chick's and fuck em mid-air.

  6. word..:cool:
  7. yea dude i'm 6'3" short chicks are awesome
  8. ...tall bastards... Im 5 9 at best... Shorter chicks are awesome, tho most are bout my height.

    I heard somewhere that chicks like a kept area down there tho not completely hairless, I would like to.hear from some women bout that.

    The pick up a chick, I ve done that with a girl that was taller, it was a fantasy of hers, just gotta make sure you dont fall lol

    And last, not every time is perfect, at least u got laid right?
  9. I need to trim, lol, been a couple months. But yeah after shaving my pube's when I was like fourteen, never again. Razor burn, which I wouldn't get now, but when your hair grows back in it itches like noones business and it can give razor burn to your significant other.
  10. well i just shaved so i need to get that girl back over here... :cool:
  11. I'm 5'11'' my girls 4'10'' hahah it's the fucking best.
  12. Ur not supposed to fuck wit a flavored condom lol
  13. Condoms suck.
  14. I always keep shaven no matter what. Blow jobs are so much better when you are clean shaved, oral sex is also better for her when you shave your face.

    Stubble hurts.
  15. Fuck shaving my pubes, that's the girls job.
  16. Use lambskin condomns. wife is allergic to latex, and we realized these feel closer to the real deal.

    I love tall girls and long legs. Short girls are just too small for me I guess. My wife is 5'9", and that is perfect for me
  17. My wife is 5'5 I'm 6'5. She's short to me, but no 4'10 lol. Also I like some grass on the lawn, and screw shaving my self, I thought that was for guys that are wanted to look "bigger".. Plus before I was married girls never complained about my pubes, maybe it's just Alaskans.
  18. I'm only 5'9". I hate you tall bastards with your height advantage.

    Oh well.
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    I don't like it completely shaven, the stubble rubs my pussy and it doesn't feel good. Just trimmed a bit is nice.

    But I'm really glad to hear that guys like short girls. I thought most guys like long legged girls. I'm pretty short, I'm 4'11 and all my friends give me shit for it.

    It just sucks when you're too short to do doggystyle...
  20. Lol! Never thought that, that would be a problem. Use the bed to make up the height difference? Plus everyone loves poking fun at the short girl, its an american past time!

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