Neglected bong ): forgotten about left in side yard.

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  1. l just found my old glass that i forgot about that was in my backyard. Probably has 50 rips on it before last clean. I then left it outside, dirty for around 4 months. Its wrapped in a towel in a bag. Any ideas on what to do with it? Will it be safe to toke out of after a long boiling rinse?

  2. Shit man, I'd do it.

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  3. Run 99% iso and a pipe cleaner.
  4. Lots of rubbing alcohol, salt, and shaking
  5. I've been using acetone lately- holy crap does that stuff work. Rinse good though.
  6. I've never tried it, do you think it works better than iso?
  7. Just leaves gross residue and smell ( nail polish remover isn't it ? ) and is why he has to rinse lots i would figure =)
    Yeah, it's the best thing I've found for glass or metal.
    Can't emphasize the rinse part enough though- never smoked that shit but it can't possibly be good.
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    Yup, but I don't have a problem with residue or trace material for whatever reason.
    I rinse about 30 secs under hot tap water.. most likely a big water pipe you'd want to rinse longer.
    It does smell pretty strong tho. And my wife hates it. She's like, "I wish I got to use my nail polish remover."
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    Cool stuff, iso is like 5$ for 500ml of 99%. Wifes nail polish remover....... 99 cents at dollar store for about 300ml =)

    Most certainly never ever use on a plastic bong though lol, likely melt it.
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't use it on anything but glass and metal..
  12. Or ad lemon a couple of drops of Leno. Juice to bong it prevents build up of resin
  13. Lol ad a couple of drops of lemon juice it helps prevent build up of resin but must use fresh water after every sesh

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