Negative Thoughts While Smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by CudderIsBackk, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. this is one of the main problems i have with smoking weed. Even if the weed is actually good and could make me laugh, there's always one negative thought that just takes over me and ruins my mood. It's like when my brain becomes super slowed down do I then begin thinking about life and become self conscious about the negative things that happened in my life. I FUCKING HATE THAT SHIT, ITS THE WORST BUZZ KILL! I can be laughing a movie but then something in the movie would remind me of my life and thats when my mood just dies. Its not like I can just forget about the negative thought bc the weed wont let me, it just doesnt go away and I just become depressed :/. I dont like thinking too much about life, I just want to laugh and not worry about shit. 
    Has anyone felt this way before? How do you fix these negative thoughts that randomly pop up in your head while your high and wont go away??? 

  2. Yup. That's what happens when you smoke and go with the flow and aren't a fake who is all  peace and luuuuuuv maaaaaaaaaan. Negativity happens. People have problems with it. For the most part weed is a soft drug, it's not always going to numb all your negativity. This happens to me all the time. I've always been a mess, always will be. Sometimes I smoke and something similar to your situation happens. 
  3. Yeah. Sometimes I think about what owls look like if they were frozen and cut in half. Eww.

    I can get fucking weird and freak myself out. I just let the thoughts pass and do my best to talk myself out of freaking out.

    The key is to not let one negative thought turn into a million negative thoughts. Think that one thought and then watch a movie. Sometimes I will get on YouTube and watch funny videos.

    Or text a friend if im alone.
  4. Yeah this happens to me only it's my anxiety that goes nuts.. not all the time though.. you just have to TRY and occupy your mind with something else.. ill pull up something funny, either a tv show, movie, or youtube.
  5. Happens to me alot. I do have an anxiety disorder though so alot stems from that and all of my past. All you can do is think it out and try to overcome how you feel. It's hard to explain but running from the problem won't stop it you have to resolve it and make peace with yourself. Until you work through it it will always bother you. That's kind of what meditating is for a time to think and hash out your feels and make peace to be happy with yourself.

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