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Negative Side Effects of Smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Craig Benefield, May 10, 2010.

  1. Ohaii thur.

    I was just wondering, because after lurking these boards for a good bit, everyone seems to be pretty level-minded about marijuana (not many people saying it has no downfalls) so I decided to ask an open ended question:

    What kind of negative side effects has marijuana caused you?

    To give you an idea of how much I use myself, I smoked prob 95 of the last 100 days. Just today however, I had a lot of suicidal thoughts, which I had always read that marijuana users are more likely to contemplate suicide. Everything's okay now, now I'm just in an educational mood. I know that marijuana really hasn't created any negative side effects in me other than this one situation as well as the situation where you're just bored so you wanna smoke (an emulation of addiction).
  2. None

    end thread/

  3. naive to think that.

    for ME

    - short term memory loss(goes away after a week in a t-break)
    -lung damage if you use tobacco with your weed
    -headaches at times(this I blame on butane)
    - loss of motivation
  4. Memory loss
    Munching out too hardcore then feeling like shit later
    Depression ( i already have it.. so it like, moves it along i guess.. )
    Being lazy / not wanting to do things

  5. so true

    and appetite gain, which can be bad if ur trying to lose weight

    not really loss motivation, just if you smoke right before doing something important, ur just like "fuck it"
  6. LOL fuck it, iv'e said that soo much. Like thats why i pretty much fucked up my schooling, after awhile i stopped going to school baked cause i was like " fuk it. im high. lets smoke some weed, fuck you school."
  7. Definitely memory loss, I'm not sure it's the weed but sometimes I feel my cellphone vibrate and it doesn't, or other times i won't even have my phone in my pocket. Other times when i'm at my house in my basement if i'm rolling or something I'll see a tiny bit of movement out of my peripherals and it looks just like my ferret, Waffle.
    Also depression for some :D
  8. Ive heard it can lower your sperm count.

  9. To this day I still don't understand why this is such a bad thing? :confused:
  10. You end up spending more than you thought you would on it. :p Grow it duude.
  11. Uh... Shit lets see.
    Less $$$
    Memory issues. (one time it was so bad I yelled at my PS3 for getting shot by a sniper in Call of Duty, then I pressed pause and was like, Did I really just fucking yell?)
    Thats probably about it.
  12. some memory loss, not bad at all tho i just forget when im high, sober i remember everything for the most part, lazyness
  13. it helps me fight the depression I have now but It makes me lose motivation instead...
  14. the following apply to me. they may not apply to you.

    -decreased sex drive
    -loss of motivation
    -general mental fog
    -lack of enthusiasm
    -no dreams
    -messes with my athletic coordination (not so much when stoned, but in the days afterward)
    -more reclusive
    -dry skin/eyes
    -general decrease of intelligence
  15. no short term memory
    shitty long term memory
    very, very intense comedowns / burnouts
    (sleeping all the fucking time)
    respiratory damage
    lower sex drive

    these are just usual effects for me
  16. always wondered the same thing lol !:p

    edit: oh yeah, and i think the only negative thing about it is it seems to prolong my coughs when i get a cold, but thats about it.
  17. You gotta be careful when you determine the negative effects marijuana has on you. Many people believe that marijuana leads to depression. I disagree. It might just as easily be that people prone to depression are more likely to smoke marijuana. The less you know yourself, the more likely you are to blame your problems on marijuana. That's my theory anyway.

    Well, the only negative effects I've experienced from marijuana is that I'm kinda lightheaded the day after a heavy session and that if I'm high, I cannot be in a room with people who shouldn't know about it; I get paranoid and get troubles communicating with others, which makes me even more paranoid.. So to me it's either high alone or high with others, not high and with others..

  18. I get this a lot. I play baseball and I was noticing little things were off in my game.

    I have tested this out (smoking the day before a game and not smoking the day before a game) and it is true
  19. -SEVERE short term memory loss

    -overall LOSS of apetite
    (when i first started smoking i got more of an appetite/the munchies, naturally...but as the years went on i found that after smoking. im not all)

    -meal schedule is all fucked up (breakfast isnt until 2 even though im awake at 8)

    -lack of motivation

    -stopped having dreams about 2 years ago

    these are all very true things about weed.
    but i must say these symptoms are WAAAAAY better than the ones i get when i dont smoke!

    -night sweats
    -terrible dreams


  20. Maybe for some it can, but I have been toking daily since I was 20, and I am now 35 with 4 kids (all oopsies, and all in the last 6 years!). One of them was even conceived while my Wife was on the pill.

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