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Negative Side Effects of high CBD meds?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by chris35, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I was curious if anyone has experienced negatives from using high CBD meds.

    I medicate for arthritis in my hands, and the two times I used harlequin (smoked) it left me feeling very sick to my stomach. It felt like the sickness from food poisoning or a bad hangover.

    Has anybody else experienced this problem?
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    I feel for ya on the arthritis...got RA on top of IBD and Lupus...(body is a freaking wreck at times..."sucks to be me" days happen often :eek:)

    Sounds like you had to high a dose (no pun intended). You may not think you had enough due to the low thc level and the lack of teh same head high you are used to feeling (letting you know you had enough...), yet the cbd is pretty strong (10x the norm I think).

    I would advise getting a vaporizer for the best usage of your meds, and only a couple of 'puffs', then a wait, repeat until you feel relief, to see what your dosage should be. I try to limit myself to one 'dose' then a puff or two every couple of hours, and use less than 2 'personal sized' J's worth in a day (and try to reuse that spent stuff to make grain alcohol tincture)...(lately, I have been 'forced' to rely on opiates again, can't afford mj right now...sucks, I hate opiates, but it's them, or my mental state declines from all the pain)

    hope that helps ya. :wave:
  3. You're probably right. Ever since the second time I tried it I've been avoiding it since I didn't want to feel like crap lol.

    Ill try some in the herbal aire tonight and see how it goes.
  4. Same thing happened to me this past 4/20. Smoked some Cherry Bubba from a local dispensary and felt aweful, but not high. And this stuff was top shelf, high cbd %
  5. Thanks for this info! Pianist here who's just gone through surgery in my wrist. Arthritis is imminent and opiates really depress me, especially compared to MJ. Plus, CBD is a bone stimulant so good stuff maynerd
  6. One hit off the vape was perfect. :)
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    I have hip dysplasia and really bad cramping in my calves when I have to walk a lot, I wish I had some high CBD weed... this 15-20% THC/less than 1% CBD barely works as a painkiller. Relieves cramping pretty well though.
  8. I actually just picked up some harlequinn as well
    works great, I sometimes use it to replace coffee in the morning
    when go to sleep late, and I know I'll have some problems getting up in the morning, ill keep a prepacked bowl of harlequinn next to my bed. wake up, hit it my alarm, and take a few tokes first thing in the morn. It really speeds me up and I can get out of bed easier too

    sometimes it can keep you up at night. you might get a little lightheaded. your memory wont be perfect, but for the most part, you should be able to function at work, school, etc.
  9. I find better relief for the pinched nerves in my back from a well made topical ointment than any thing I could inhale. THC & CBD have receptors that are local to your pain. I'd use it on my OA but I really don't like it between my ears like I did when I was younger so I only treat the Roaring Lion with just enough to make me not care about the other smaller critters in the forest. Where I live when I try to find CBD to mix with the THC I just get dumb looks. If I use enough to quiet all the animals out there I don't function well. I'v had to resort to a vaporizer as a rescue inhaler to maintain Asthma control a few times now but as far as pain goes there is nothing I have experienced that works as good in my life as putting the medicine right where it hurts. This appears to be the same dose of medicine that handles my Asthma most of the time too.

  10. hmm, maybe a mix of a potent thc buds, with potent cbd buds, would make a very nice and affective medication...perhaps somebody with access to both types, can run a study and let us know??:confused:

    (not a strain, combine two types of bud after grinding...);)
  11. I ran into a strain that tested out 3% THC and 15% CBD. I usually take Simpson oil before I go to sleep. The first time I consumed this extract, I was wide awake until 5:30 am.

    I shifted to mixing it half and half with a oil that had a reasonable amount of CBN.

    The high CBD oil tested out at 43.9% CBD via GC.
    Test of the starting material was by way of HPLC.
  12. Usually I get a head ache from high CBD bud.
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    It is what I'm working on, on the left coast. The studies are out there this one is funded by GW Pharmaceuticals so take some of it with salt.

    A Tale of Two Cannabinoids

    I don't know how GW makes their product but I'd make my salve with a Pollen Box. If you want to be a real purist get two pollen boxes and label them before use. I'm not a rich patient I'm using leaf to make my medicine with for me two pollen boxes would be a luxury. Besides your two medicinal input's you will also want Bees Wax and a food grade oil that you know you are not allergic to, to make your salve with, a store bought salve is fine if you already have one you like, a way to take notes on what your doing so it will be easier to do it over again later and assorted trinkets to be employed in the weighing & measuring of your ingredients.

    Separate the Keif from the rest of the debris and reserve all four outputs separately. You can still vape the green stuff or boil it in oil and extract more medicine. Weigh or measure the CBD Keif and the THC Keif to obtain a small 1:1 test portion, they may be brought together at any time after measurement that you like. If you know visually how much Keif you would Vape start by blending that much only so you can make adjustments if the product does not meet your needs. Keep in mind that you may want to custom blend more than 2 inputs to archive the optimum medication for your specific health need. You may vape the Keif if you want a faster test but you WILL get different results from your salve with relation to how it makes your head feel when you use the salve. The local receptors will take what they want first and only the surplus Cannabinoids, wasted medicine from a pain Mgmt. point of view, will end up between your ears.

    Next warm a measured volume of oil to a temperature that will melt Bees Wax to make a salve. Shave a small amount of Bees Wax weigh it and add it to the oil. Allow to cool to room temperature and check for consistency. The salves consistency can be adjusted by adding more oil if too waxy and more wax if too loose. Here too it is helpful to measure things as closely as you can so you can do it again when it it time to refill your prescription and there are lots more complicated recipes for salve If you find one you like better use it, you can use store bought too if you would like. Once you have a salve you like you still need to know how much it will take to cover the area to be treated for pain. Once you know this bring your CBD:THC blend together with your unit dose of salve and heat gently and briefly, it shouldn't take long, to decarboxylate your medicine. When cooled test on the place it hurts the worst. If you have a working salve you'll know in 10 to 15 Min. when the pain begins to ease. Adjust potency up or down as needed. When you have found what works best for your condition make enough to last a week and get better soon, God be with you.

    I don't know how quickly the Keif will release the medicine into the oil you may need to adjust your heating time up or allow things to stand mixed and ready in a cool dark place bring everything together correctly. I'm sure if you look there is a better recipe than mine, I HAVE NOT YET MADE MY SALVE! This is a general concept not an R/x.

    Remember your medicine is a gift from the Creator, keep it sacred.

    get well soon!

    Copyright under the Creative Commons License 2011 CC BY-SA
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    did you drink way too much the day before and eat at pizza hut?
    could be pesticides.... grow your own organically, get a vaporizer, make oils, tinctures. j
  15. My usual pain med is high CBD Tora Bora, haven't had any problems with it so far. The only problem I've had is with high CBD concentrates... too big of a dab and I wake up still on the couch.
  16. So ShatterWulf, are you saying it put you to sleep? I'm here (and new) because I've been on CBD tincture, gummies, gum, for a few months as I'm weaning off benzos which takes about 6 months. Mainly for anxiety but I've discovered that I also have improved mood and increased pleasure in everyday activities. I think it's probably because CBD blocks the breakdown of Anandamide. 
    However, the reason I came to this forum/topic is that I've been having some strange brain experiences and am wondering if it could be the CBD. The most recent was last night. I was pretty tired, having only had 3 1/2 hours of sleep the night before. I've been having insomnia since a trip at the end of September so I take Triazolam once or twice a week just to get me into a deep sleep (it's very short acting). In any case, this morning I woke up and discovered that I had fallen asleep sitting up in the middle of making a word on an iPad game. My light was still on. That's not how the Triazolam usually works and this has never happened in my life. I've fallen asleep watching movies but never while doing something active. On top of that, I dreamed much more than usual. 
    So I wasn't looking for negative side effects. I'm just wondering if others have experienced what they think might be unusual effects of CBD. Thanks!
  17. I am new to medical marijuana and have tried a high cbd tincture called wonder cbd. It works great to boost my mood and relieve stress. But even though I have taken such a low low dose during the day I noticed that the next day 12 hrs later I am so tired almost a hung over feeling. Any one else have had this same issue

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