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Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Okay... I try and be an optimist as much as i can... but today is a terrible fucking day and I need to vent.

    So, the work day was alright. My co-worker who was going to give me an eigth called in sick today; no big deal really.

    So I decided to ride my bike over to his house after work. I could've drove but paying for gas is like being molested. So I open my garage to find that my bike is stolen. lock and all. $350 down the fucking drain.

    I was pissed, to say the least. I decided to just walk there, because if i didn't get herb, I'd get an ulcer or something. So i start hobbling my way there, it's only about a 20 min walk there and back. (For those that don't know, i bruised my knee up on Sunday evening, it's swollen and painful). And i figure it will give me a chance to get some air and calm down.

    So I get there, and he has already smoked half of it. Whatever, at least I had herb. He is really too sick to be having company so I start walking home. about half-way back my knee starts KILLING me.

    On a lighter note, on my way back, i saw this dude walkign down the street in McDonalds clothes and aviators (I'm wearing a shirt with a hemp leaf on it and my aviators, so i'm not very sublte) and He was really friendly "Hey hows it going man?" "Cool i just got off work" and flashes a joint. Glad somebody is having a good day.

    So now I'm sitting here, angry and in pain, with an icepack on my knee.

    Fuck Today.
  2. lol!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Awesome quote man I wanna use that in my sig or sumtin lol. :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p
  3. ehh, smoke a joint and try to forget about it..... no use in dwelling over it..
  4. that sucks that he smoked some of your eighth.

    at least you have some buds on your bad day.

    he could have been finishing the last joint of your eighth when you get there. it can always get worse.
  5. On that note, after i wrote this post i thought to myself:

    "things could be ALOT worse. if the worst thing in my life right now is a stolen bike, i should consider myself lucky"

    Still doesn't make it suck any less though.
  6. aww.. R_M that sucks donkey balls. And out of your own garage to boot. People suck. Shall I mail you some ativan? It won't help the pain but it sure will make you not care about a fucking thing...
  7. I feel ya man. I had my bike stolen about a month ago. Still haven't replaced it.

    I also had a shitty day. Today I got wrote up at work because we were debating religion, and I said, "evolution is alot more reasonable than a magic man in the sky". Religious or not, I don't think I should have been penalized for my beliefs just because they didn't match my co-workers. Anyway, I just wanted to rant too, heh.

    Hope your evening is better than your day. I think we both know how to ensure that... :smoking:

  8. yeah it wasn't that bad, but still sucks man, too bad about the whole bullshit injury...the bike part is a bitch too, not to be such a downer but i can't think of a damn thing for you to make your day any better... cheer up bud

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