Negative highs all the time?

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  1. Hey, I felt the need to talk about my experiences with cannabis because none of my friends have the same type of highs I do. I've been smoking for about six months now, and let it be known that I go to therapy for depression and self esteem issues. I wanted to see if anyone feels the same as I do. I smoke every weekend or whenever my dudes have ganj. So let me run you through my experience every time i get high, my thoughts become extremely negative not only towards myself but my friends. I can see people for who they really are (everyone is really shitty. friends, t.v. stars, anyone) even if i think highly of them when i'm sober. I hate it. Life becomes pointless to me. A million negative things run through my head. Music becomes shitty, as in i can hear all the mistakes and choppy artistry even if they're professional. It pisses me off because cannabis is supposed to clear your mind and it does the opposite for me. Another thing is, i can't talk about any of this while i'm high. Everything is just dark and aggressive and negative.I feel like people won't understand because it's complex. I guess you could say i become extremely self aware. I see things for how they really are. I don't really put it on my depression though because I have been healthier lately. I don't want to harm myself or anyone else I just feel deeply saddened about myself and angry when i'm high. I can also see how people will turn out in life when i'm baked like some sixth sense shit. Nobody ever turns out good. You probably ask why the fuck do you smoke weed then, chump? I started smoking because my friends are mega pot heads, some even sell. When i started I wasn't eating because of my depression but when my homies and I got blazed i could kill an entire fridge of food. There are times that are fun though, funny videos, and the whole nine yards of cool things to do when baked it just so happens that i'm plagued with all the other stuff. I keep smoking because i'm always like maybe this high will be better, or this one, or this one. Now outside of smoking effects, I've lost a lot of motivation. I used to love going to the gym and now it's a task for me. It's annoying honestly. Also, i used to be somewhat of a morning person, like i didn't mind getting up but now it's a mission to wake up, i normally wake up and set my alarm a few more times just so i can sleep an extra fifteen. All that aside, i love cannabis culture, and everyone who smokes is super cool and even if i stop smoking i'm totally down for legalization. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts or if there is somewhere else i should post this let me know. Thanks
  2. You'll get over it.
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  3. I get this quite a lot especially the feeling that everyone is shitty because of socialization not because they want to be. It's as if I see the masks we put on ourselves to move away and it sometimes scares me... But that's only when I'm REALLY stoned or right after a t-break.

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  4. If you have the option try to switch from smoking Indica strains to sativa.

  5. Dude, that's exactly how I feel. Like I can see under everyone's mask no matter who they are. We got baked and watched a wiz khalifa video and that dude is in reality, a little bitch. Like you were saying about being super high, I have to be pretty baked to get super deep but my friends are about it so we always get super baked.
  6. Last time that happened to me I felt as if I was inside of an anti drug PSA and cause I was way too stoned and they're all like "stay dude don't leave come smoke" and i couldn't handle it [​IMG]

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  7. It will pass, although it seems like it won't. My weed anxiety was getting so bad a couple months ago that I almost stopped entirely, but instead I adjusted my daily routine, started eating better and exercising and that helped.
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  8. I don't get it. If weed makes you feel like this why do you continue to smoke it?
  9. well its probably the mindset or the environment when you're smoking
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    Weed isn't everyone.

    edit: Weed isn't FOR everyone. Lol. Clearly not for me anyway :,( can't even write a sentence lol.
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  11. Yup.. Weed defiantly isn't everyone.
  12. If I get really high and have been drinking, that's whenI get the worst anxiety, but tht's usually because I know I'll get the spins and puke. If I'm just baked, I don't get it as bad but I get all spacey and and I analyze the role that all of my friends are playing in a conversation or something like that.
  13. Just like psychedelics, set and settings plays a part. Smoking when you are really down tends to intensify the experience, although some sativa dominant strains might be more uplifting. Like any other medicines, there are some people who should never touch this stuff.

    Just my 2cent
  14. weed ain't for everyone.
  15. Weed is a definitely shouldn't use it if you have depression and low self-esteem.

    Try to find your peace man. Everyone has a purpose and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Life is beautiful and you should enjoy it while you can. You need to realize that for yourself, maybe then you'll be in a good place to try some pot again.
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  16. I been bumed out for realz my home roll it up i got no key bord privlages i been out the game for a minute i started up the aroes once more for competition we had won nine trophies in so cal and colaborate with big names i was bumed out to hear vador lost in high times but recently had a friend promised first second and third place in the next event im pritty bumed out now i know why chalace became about i was hoping to hold one of the legendary trophies with one year of testing genetics and about 100 grand in thectrash fishing out heavy hitters im bumded out!! Talk about a fucked up high :(
  17. Sounds like a perseption of your own reality rather than the weed making you see things differently

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