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Negative Experiences/Side Effects?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by foxforcefive, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. I know that we like to focus on the positives around here, but I was thinking about some of the nightmarish stories (getting caught, laced weed, etc.) and side effects (memory loss, gain weight, bad cough, etc.) of my entire smoking career and it got me thinking what you guys have.

  2. The worst side effect is getting thrown in a jail cell, thankfully thats starting to change.
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    Well your always being put into sketchy situations (unless you live in colorado or have a med card), I've been arrested once, been with others while getting arrested multiple times and I was just lucky the cops didnt choose me as theyre token that day i guess haha
    You start to learn how to play it safe after a while through trial and error. Currently my head is fucked up and i havent smoked for 5 months, i think its along the lines of Depersonalization/derealization due to a bad anxiety attack while high. I've experimented with unmentionables and have smoked HEAVILY for 4 years so those are factors that may have played into it.
    I could also just be part of the 1% that gets fucked... all around i would say the majority will end up being fine and i don't blame the herb i blame my self for abusing it.
    In highschool i would say it benefited me extremely positive, allowed me to make a vast amount of friends, removed all my social anxiety so on and so on... but after highschool i probably should have been paying more attention to progressing my life forward than getting high.
    My memory is definitely not what it could have been, i was incredibly smart, still am i guess, but definitely not PEAK.
    Switched to vaping once i noticed my lungs getting affected, seemed to do the trick
    It effects everyone different though
  4. Not including the obvious negatives of marijuana being illegal, I'd say the side effects I have that are unpleasant are the binge eating caused by the munchies and short term memory problems. 
  5. The biggest negative would be the ignorant predjudice of others (thanks Fox news and other ratings/profit-seeking organizations for perpetuating that) and the gross amount of money that governments spend trying to combat something that is only a problem because of their fear and unwillingness to see and accept the vast number of benefits the plant has to offer (and dent in their pocket-books due to the fact that a plant can't be pantented).
    Is it abused by some people? Yes, but they aren't out robbing banks or hurting people, they're watching television, cooking, thinking, having in-depth conversation, and shedding  a little bit of all of that stress that is dumped on us on a day to day basis.
    Do some people ruin their lives over it? Sure, but some people are predisposed to such action and they can, would, or do do it with anything. Tell me if you don't know someone who's addicted to shopping, or stuff, or alcohol, or pills, or television.
    Anything to excess is bad, but we live in a day and age where self-control isn't encouraged and gluttony is.

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