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    Ever go to a bar (or any place surrounded by negativity) and when you leave you can literally tangibly feel the depressing, negative energies of alcoholics and sex fiends floating around your body as you leave? (I know that saying "sex fiends" probably sounds absurd to you, and to me, but I don't have any other way of putting it).

    This used to happen a few months ago when I would hang out with my friends who are heroin and meth junkies too.... as well as when I would go to certain kinds of parties.

    As soon as I walk in such places I can literally feel the difference.... it's like being around animals, people who are depressed trying to kill their depression with sex and alcohol.

    I would notice that everyone would talk and get real excited, and when someone was done talking they would look off to the distance with a sense of longing, of knowing that deep down they are going to be chasing their whole lives for something they will never get. It was sad to say the least.

    I don't mean to be condescending... I had my share of drug problems, and there was a time it looked like I would end up far worse than these people.

    Now I have to do a few rituals to banish the negative energies just to feel normal again... unless I want to wait an hour or two for the feeling to leave on its own.

    I just listened to wasted old alcoholics talk about fucking fat chicks and giving "stinky fingers" to girls, and how they were getting their dicks sucked by prostitutes when they were 9. Ugh.... why the fuck do they think anyone wants to hear that shit lol? I've never had to give so many awkward fake laughs in my entire life.

    What's interesting is, I hung out with far worse people and did far worse things in the past and never felt anything like this... or perhaps my life was so bad back then I just didn't notice it even though it was always there.

    It's for reasons like this that I find myself staying in more and more on the weekends... all my friends are junkies, I literally have only 2 friends who don't have a serious drug problem or serious life issue of some sort (to the point where being around them has a destructive impact on me).
  2. there is no objective "negative energy" in such a location. i have never felt it when i go there, since i only go there for recreation. you may not mean to be condescending, but you are. it is as if your way of life is somehow better than theirs, and you're looking down on them and casting the dreaded "negative" label upon their energy.

    in fact, i feel more "negative energy" coming off this thread than i've ever felt in any bar even after closing time. you arbitrarily call shit bad, and then call it negative, and then say you're cool with shit that's "worse" and it's not so "negative." you seem very confused.

    i think the fact is that the negativity is created when you label it. it isn't these people who are carrying the negative energy... they're just having a good time. maybe they're vulgar and disgusting, surely they can be that without being negative. it's you. that's how you see it.
  3. Yes, It's negative feng shui
  4. to the op

    your overthinking it

    places do not have negative energy, and things are not evil

    people are evil and people have negative energy

    when i go to club, the only negative energy i feel i realized, was the snobby attitude i had when looking down on people that did meth and shit, instead of realing that it was full of good people who were there to have fun
  5. also, maybe you should find some more friends, that arent meth heads
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    That's your opinion and you are entitled to it. I disagree, but nothing I could say would ever convince you I am correct. These people certainly are carrying negative energy... the very location itself is filled with negative energy, that I can guarantee. Many of them carry their own personal "demons" with them everywhere they go.

    I'm not saying everyone who goes to a bar is this way... shit, I was in the bar wasn't I? I saw many happy faces, conversing with a loved one over a beer or two (or 5). I saw many faces full of despair, full of a longing to relive the past, full of a longing for fulfillment which they seek to find in a few shots of jaeger (which never leaves them satisfied).

    I have love for everyone in that bar. I do not meant to judge them, as I said I was the same way, if not worse just last year.... I carried my own negative energy everywhere I went.

    I was snorting heroin and oxymorphone on a weekly basis, not to mention I was doing ketamine, acid, and mushrooms fairly regularly, and doing molly on a weekly basis, and I was mentally attached to being as fucked up as possible. Obviously that is a lot worse than a few people enjoying a drink. I am not better than these people. Perhaps now I am in a better state of mind, but I am not a better person just because I am now in a different state of mind than I used to be... The only reason I changed was due to a bad car accident I had while under the influence, which devastated my family and made me shameful of my actions and aware that my life was not headed in a good direction....I did not change by my own will alone.

    I have no room to condescend them.... my enquiry was not about judging the people at the bar, but simply asking if anyone else has similar feelings to me regarding the negative energies surrounding certain environments and certain people.

    Also in my opinion, a very place is permeated with the energies of whoever regularly frequents such a place... thus a bar filled with negative people is also filled with negative energy. Inanimate objects often carry the energy or experiences of those who owned the objects with them. Advanced mystics and sages can often tell you a lot about a person just by entering the room they live in, or by touching a watch they habitually wear on their wrist.
  7. "That's your opinion and you are entitled to it"

    your 100% wrong

    weather or not you can feel the energy is not subjective, because if it is then you full of shit
  8. That was my point. Everything you said is just your opinion. The negative energy is you.
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    I have this same thing happen man, always have but I've learned to recognize it now, and use it. I had the same type of friends and they all went down those same paths and it basically made it impossible for me to hang out with them, their vibes would be so negative and desperate sometimes. Dogs seem to recognize it too, they've barked at random people with definite negative energy, never at somebody i would have thought i would trust.
  10. I don't think it's an opinion. On psychedelics, you can definitly feel the good and bad energies. It might be an opinion, but I think it's real. Some people put off negative vibes.... because they are in a bad mood, or angry or something. Then you see someone really nice and happy and funny, and you catch great vibes.
  11. Okay. Yes. It's a real opinion. Believe me, I know all about bad moods. That's some genuine "bad vibes," but just looking around at people having a good time and casting judgements on some of them isn't the same thing. For example, the guy he talks about getting trashed and bragging about fucking fatties or something... maybe he loves that shit!

    Calling it negative is just arbitrary nonsense. An opinion.
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    I am fine with you thinking I am full of shit, and negative energy, however I am afraid you will have not convinced me of anything... perhaps it is time to move along?

    As to your comment regarding the guy who fucks fatties. It is not what he said alone that made me feel negative vibes. It was the fleeting glances of depression on his face when no one was talking, and the way you could tell he was drinking that depression away with alcohol. I'm telling you these people just gave off an aura of despair and lack of fulfillment.

    Generally when I am around people who are truly happy with their lives they will be very kind and I will enjoy being around them, regardless of how trashed they are.

    Any other opinions?
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    It's a new religious sect.

    didn't catch the inside joke there, Mrs Puff?
  14. No one is going to convince you of anything new. I think we both know that.
  15. It's just sad that a lot of people have self destructive habits :( (ex.alcohol, tobacco,drugs,food,etc.) I was reading in my physical education book that it take 5 years to break a habit and most often got to replace their self destructive behavior with something more healthy.Well ofcourse something healthy,it would be pointless to replace it with something worse :laughing:)

    Family Guy - Peter Smokes Crack - Funny Video -
  16. Of course, there is absolutely no possibility that OP is projecting into the situation in any way (even though that's something every human being does without knowing it).
  17. I see what your saying. It's all subjective. You can't always help how you feel though. So if you're chilling in a bar, and 3 people run in with guns shooting everyone, you're not going to sit back and be like "ohhh this is my favorite thing to happen." You're going to freak out and definitly feel the negative energy.

    But I know what you mean.... what's negative energy to one could be positive to another.

    I didn't think this thread was just about opinions. I thought it was just to discuss feeling bad energies. Which we all can.
  18. yes, that exists. But I think it's mostly because people who are meth junkies or alcoholics are such emotional vampires. They really literally drain you of life force, because they are used to making everything, especially their problems, everyone elses (fault) instead of solving things themselves. They are used to looking at themselves like victims and therefore assume that anyone else has no problems whatsoever to speak of because they aren't slaves to their drug of choice, and therefore exists to help them, and accomodate them. They will never do anything in return because it simply doesn't occur to them.
  19. I think if you're trying to banish negative feelings it would be counterproductive to seek to explore them more fully. It's not a bad idea to, if there is a point (I don't see it).
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