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negative effects of vaporizing cannabis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by toastghost, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Hi, I'm quite new to all this and was wondering if anyone new what negative effects vaporizing ganja has on on your throat and lungs. I've looked all over the internet but any info I've found simply says that it's less harmful than smoking.
    Any comments welcome.

  2. I've been wondering the same thing? although cannabis can be cooked as well. I think the more harmful effects have to do with the cheaper vaporizers because people can't afford a good one.
  3. I don't think there are any real negative effects when vaping weed. It dosent take much research to realize it is the best way to inhale weed (health wise). the only negative I can think of is that the high is more of a body high rather than a head high.
  4. If I vaporize weed and eat healthy (no smoke). I feel 100x better than taking prescriptions that make me severely depressed even worse off than I was like before, I started smoking weed, all I ever wanted to do was lay in bed all day I had a hard time getting up to do anything.
  5. Vaping is the most efficient, cleanest way to inhale your ganja. (I can elaborate).

    But personally I love ripping bongs so... :smoking:

  6. aha bro that would make me sick. why wouldn't you vape?
  7. that's what I thought too. trouble is the good ones are quite expensive. I've got a vapbong which is quite good, but it's easy to overheat and burn the herb. I was thinking of buying the one in the picture for about £45. Ever used one of these? Its a convection one with a ceramic heating filament.

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    I don't really let it get to that point I usually just pack a small bowl cuz a little goes a long way. I would buy the bong vaporizer attachment for my $170 hotbox, it seems like it would be more healthy but, my parent's won't want anything like that coming to the house so I shouldn't do it. For those of you that don't understand it filters out any toxins from the possible unregulated burn temperature of the marijuana itself because of the lack of quality of this device provides compared to more Modern day technologies like the volcano. There are even better ones out there but I don't have experience because I don't have that much money. If I did I would buy one it makes me feel so much better.
  9. With a vape you are essentially breathing in warm air. No more dangerous than breathing in air in a sauna.

  10. I wish someone would post. I'm in need of some scientific data on this. Will cannabis ever have a negative effect on my lungs through vaporization of the purest form known to man? :D
  11. have you ever vaped any legal highs? do they work??
  12. the only negative thing about vaporizers is the duff thats left over afterwards. you'll always have one friend that smokes it, and might accidently pass you the bowl (it tastes terrible). other than that, they are awesome.

    duff is cookable and will get you super high, but again i don't recommend smoking it.
  13. At one time I had a Silver Surfer Vaporizer, and the shit worked awesome and got me high as fuuuck. It was great because I could buy a dub of schwag and vape with a friend for 3-4 hours. But honestly I got tired of it; the knob, plugging it in, the wand set up... and I just didn't enjoy it as much. I couldn't quite put my finger on it until I realized: I just like smoking. Ripping the bong and sending all that THC straight to your head? Sign me up.

    But there's something about the smoke; I taste it more, smell it more, feel it more.
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    Well vaped weed is supposed to contain very very small amounts of 2 carcinogens. Probably about the same as breathing the air in a major city for a few seconds. Or healthier? I dunno

    So maybe that is the negative consequence?
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    no I'm not into that. That heard that legal stuff turns out to cause negative effects, because it is a bunch of different random herbs, sometimes herbs and plants that are said to be poisonous and cause death if too much of the, said plant was ingested, not to mention its the ill effects of breathing a burning material of any kind into your lungs that is poisonous in itself. Marijuana will never give you an overdose. These so called legal highs sometimes are laced with chemicals of people trying to mimic the effects of THC, or somehow create a chemical similar to THC, but has not gone thru any tests and has not been used enough to where people know what it's damaging effects could possible be. We know what cannabis does. It could possibly be that a full effort was not made of studying the effective use of cannabis because its main delivery method was smoke. It seems almost is if vapor is not considered a medicine.

    ...is there anything wrong with this?
    Why would I even be interested in any of that fake stuff? Its not going to give me the medical relief of vaporized cannabis. People have been using it centuries at the least, to help their ailments. Why would the pharmaceutical companies want any part of it? I swear it would put them out of business if people could some how comprehend the poisons they are ingesting into there body when they could otherwise find some relief from a plant if not the marijuana plant whatever plant on earth that god gave us to use.
  16. i think this might have been a more fitting smiley.. :bongin:
  17. More than likely. :p
  18. No, there are no ill effects of inhaling the vapor. If you do something wrong, you may burn some plant matter, or if the product wasn't made well, it could burn easily, or malfunction, causing problems. Other than that, no, there is no ill effects of vaporizing CANNABIS.
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    EDIT: MARIJUANA IS NOT POISON. I do not smoke however, because I prefer the vapor its easier on my lungs :D
  20. With no documented cases of cannabis-only use causing cancer, I'm not too worried. :hello:

    And how could you call marijuana poison?

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