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Negative Aspects of Marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 805toda520, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I love pot and I'll smoke it til the day I die.But there are some things pertaining to it that are definitely not a plus-such as it not being legal and the stigma that brings about.Also there are some evil people in the game, as there are everywhere.For some people the munchies are a blessing but for others it is only a curse.It does mess with memory, concentration, and judgement-like I care, but i have been dirty for three months after smoking weed and almost got kicked out of rehab and sent to jail cuz of it.That also becomes important if you have to take a dt for any reason.Anybody feel me on this?Please add to the list while i smoke a bowl.JUST BLAZE!;-)

  2. Marijuana only effects you adversely if you let it. Usually the people I hear having the most problems have flaws of character (not like we all don't in one way or another). Usually it's not the MJ to blame. I have smoked for quite a while now... and I lead a very happy, successful life.
  3. Negative Aspects About Weed
    * Paranoia it gives you because of legality & getting caught (don't have to really worry about this one anymore)

    Positive Aspects About Weed
    * Every damn thing else

    Conclusion: MJ 10/10

    PS. Lol

    PPS. I'm high
  4. Negative Effects=Bank account gets smaller.

    Positive Effects=Endless
  5. Only negative aspect of smoking is forgetting everything...

    Anything else is probably your fault
  6. The only thing I worry about is my lungs
  7. the only problems are the law, the cost, and if you still live with your parents, them.
  8. only problem im havin is affording it.
    which i blame on the concept of money and the law preventing me from growing fields of it.

  9. I disagree with this. You've never picked up a sack and smoked a bowl before school work, and lucky for you you get a couch lock indica and you go to your event almost asleep?
  10. i dont know about you guys but my memory, coordination, and concentration are FUCKED since i started smoking
  11. Dude, im feeling you bro, FEELING you. Like You have No idea... Im the high club.
  12. Cannabis, like any other drug, should be used responsibly.

    I'm careful to watch for any sliver of potential for physical or neurological harm caused by my drug use. My doctor is very aware of my situation.
  13. You only see the negative aspects of weed when you run out
  14. negatives :
    spending money
    potential lung harm
    getting fined/jail/record
    forgetting something

    Positives: you had a blast doing all of the above
  15. My biggest negative is the throat burn i get from blunts when they're down to roach size. they burn like a motherfucker.

    Cuz you know motherfuckers burn and all.
  16. #16 805toda520, Aug 16, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 16, 2008
    Hell yeah!But like hunter2011 said i have a blast doing everything high, I got spotlighted by a cop hitting a bong and although its never fun to get arrested, i had a blast chatting with the female booking officer about how if it were legalized everything would be ok.It was so funny because she admitted i got her curious enough to maybe wanna try it at least once
  17. I become a lot more forgetful of everyday things when I smoke a lot.
  18. Music sounds too amazing and food tastes too good. Also, you are too happy.

  19. I agree with this. I feel as the people around me who smoke and are surprised I can smoke and act as I do is because they have things about them which prevent them from having a good connection with weed. Their personality, outlook, mindset, and character basically restricts their better relationship with cannabis, the relationship I have been able to achieve.

    I'm confused as to what your saying here. If your saying people never smoke before doing work, I think you may be wrong. I love smoking before doing school work, it helps me focus and concentrate. In my mind it all depends on the person.
  20. The Money Aspect isnt very important to me. Right now im 5 days sober and i really dont feel like smoking. If you have control and a job you wont spend alot. I was smoking all day every day to feel good in the past but even then i was spending 60 a week.

    Just be wise and smoke 2-3 times a week. Only buy a gram its only 20$ and if you get caught cops cant do shit.

    Drug tests and parents hating weed also comes in to play. My parents said if I keep smoking that they will send me to a marijuana addiction counselor. But im only going to be living at home for 2 more years so its no biggy.

    Stay smart and dont be Dependant.

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