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negative 10 dollars an ounce

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by last hero, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. oh man, earlier today my dealers like, you want any weed? and im like no thanks ive got enough. then hes like well i gotta get rid of some. and i still said i dont want any, becuase i have about an 8th and i dont want to buy any more till im done.. then hes said he'll pay be 10 bucks to take some, and i was just like sure ill take it. so i go out and he hands me the bag, and i put it in my pocket not looking at it, but i didnt make him pay me, that would have been lame. so i come inside and look, and its a fucking ounce. man that guys cool. an ounce for free. time to smoke. later
  2. Damn, that's lucky :)
  3. R U sure he is not 5-0 or the fuzz or pig?
    I never heard of a dealer giving you free ounces!!!!
  4. Lucky mother fucker, a free ounce...if only i had that for tonight.
  5. Pretty nice I wish that was me o well monday I got a free whole bud pretty nice.
  6. Wow... *Jaw Drops*

    A friend of mine got a little under an oz for only $80...

    But still.. DAMN. Free?
  7. ooh're damn lucky...
  8. grrrr!

    Lucky B-stard
  9. thats either super trippy or very suspicious... I mean who PAYS YOU to take their weed, let alone an ounce of it?

  10. Yeah! It would have had to go something like this:

    Dealer: Fine, take it for free!
    Him: No deal!
    Dealer: What if I PAID you $10?
    Him: Okay.

    Who says "No deal" to a free o?
  11. If I get down to just an 1/8th I freak...why wouldn't you take any weed? Just because you still had an 1/8th? Weird, very weird. There's something just not right about this story. There is no way in hell a guy would pay another guy to take an oz! Why pay someone if you can just throw it out? [ouch...that hurt saying that]. Still...I dunno, I just don't fuckin' know!
  12. I'd be very suspicious, is it real good weed ?
  13. Way_wierd... Arbuckle got it for free 2. He ended up not payin.
  14. Is it like really shitty with millions of seeds and stems?
    Even so after you pick about 5 grams of that shit out enjoy the smoke for free :)

  15. That's a mistake...or you don't smoke nearly enough weed.

    (200th post, yippee!)
  16. Oh yeah... That's right... Tatty (SP?) never came on the right day to get his $$$, so Arbu never paid his dumb ass.

    No... That stuff was the fuckin' shit.

    The kid just wanted to get rid of it because he was scurred to have that much on him.

    It was in a gallon size zip-lock bag, so it looked like less than it was.

    I think 'Bu just named a price and the kid agreed to it.

    Psssh.... Stupid ass. LMAO. :D
  17. You lucky son of B---- i wish i had a freaking ounce. Why doesn't that happen to me.
  18. I have a feeling the worm's about to turn for you real soon. Just when you think things can't get any worse, they always will be lots worse. So always remember & never blows donkey schwanz.
  19. Ill Pay ya 50 bucks for it! :-D

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