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  1. can someone tell me the correct ratio of neem oil to water for treatment of powdery mildew and also for aided pest control
    ive been tryin to find this on another thread but with zero success

    please please ratio of neem to water
  2. I took a look around the ole world wide web and found this recipe more then anything else
    1 litre warm water
    8ml cold-pressed Neem oil
    5ml liquid soap
    Lets see what some others say about this.
  3. I pour a couple capfulls of neem in a sprayer then fill bottle and add a couple drops of dish soap. Mildew and gnats were gone in three days. No offense but it isn't really rocket science
  4. Usually 2 tablespoons neem oil per gallon of water, but it should say on the label.
  5. If you want a recipe...
    Fill a container with a gallon of warm water (the oil will mix better with warm water), and a drop or two of hand dish soap. Then shake well and wait for it to cool a little, then shake again before spraying on plants. Make sure to get the underside of all the leaves as well as the tops.
  6. excellent additional advise, thank you!
  7. Thanks, except my stoner ass forgot to say "add neem" anywhere in that recipe, lol. I'm sure he figured that part out though, haha.
  8. I noticed that but I'm sure it was implied ;)

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