Neem seed meal / neem oil question

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  1. I know the active ingredients absorb and stay systemically in the plant.

    I also know if you spray neem oil early enough, you won't detect it in the end.

    That is my goal.

    What are your experiences with neem products for those who have used them multiple times? How fast does it leech out of the plant?

    I hope I don't have to use it any time past transplanting or a little after. Spraying / applying during flower is not an interest of mine.
  2. if ur growing indoor pests shouldnt be a problem.. outdoors well

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  3. I didn't use anything last time and I had no issues, I am a personal use indoor grower too. I believe prevention is the best pesticide and easy to do if you grow small inside. I hear some people attesting to the neem seed meal for its beneficial properties to the soil aside from the trace amounts of azadirachtin in the mix.
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  4. neem oil is garbage . you can over do it and it will kill your plant . it stinks . taste like total shit . i keep telling people to use olive oil and dawn dish soap . 1/4 cup olive oil warm water along with 8 teaspoons of dish soap spray them weekly . the bugs will not touch your plants . you cant over do olive oil . i did 100 % oil and the plant stayed alive until i finally finished with it . was a little test . i made a post about this .
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  5. Is this per gallon?

    I mean I don't want to dab olive oil either but I'd rather dab that than neem oil lol.

    Can you elaborate more on your results? This is interesting to me.

    A lot of people dilute neem oil and spray it in veg and do okay yeah?

    I am thinking I would only use on the very light side neem seed meal now as a one time amendment. I've heard of people bitching about neem oil many years ago and chucking it out for azamax, which I'm not a big fan of either. Neem seed meal is all around an excellent fertilizer and has the most minute amounts of the oil / azamax left over.

    I think from what I've gathered neem oil is best diluted in very light amounts and in earlier veg stages.
  6. I've said this before, but I've heard people very happy with rosemary oil as well.
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  7. yes they grow was the worst place ever in a old garage that had holes in it and it was ran down with woods tall grass surrounding it . this was in late flower the spider mites were there in week 5 /6/7/8/9/10 was fighting bugs after week 5 spraying this bugs were always almost gone it was the conditions bugs just came right in shitty shitty . so had to find a cheap way to keep all them under control so i tried olive oil . and it kept them at bay there were many different species of bugs caterpillars beetles so on and so on . plant eaters . ok i put 1/4 cup of olive oil into warm water shook it up and sprayed the plants . it was done in last week of flower even there was zero taste of oil nobody could tell or know the difference . had many plants chilling around so decided to mess with a mother plant soaked it down 100 % olive oil to see if it would hurt it . the plant had lots of oil on it . there was zero ill effect on the plant . was worried about over doing it with the 1/4 and gallon of water so had to know for sure . so 1/4 of oil gallon of water will keep the bugs off later i added the dish soap it also works very well to kill bugs . keep in mind spider mites and im sure other bugs build a resistance to bug killer chemicals they wont dye from it any more ! they dont build any to this oil they just dont like the oil on the leaves . try just 1 plant for your self dont listen to some guy you dont know on the internet . spray a house plant out side first . see the results for your self and spray a plant you dont care about with the neem oil watch the leaves dye on you .
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    Honestly whatever works. If olive oil works you can't beat that lol. If there's a better / alternative safe solution than neem oil / azamax, I'm all for it.

    I'm gonna wait and see with this method though until I see it's tried and true.
  9. I've used neem two weeks before harvest in dire situations and had no adverse taste, smell, or affects. Neem seed meal is great, top feed and as a foilar. It has a small odor though. Neem oil is also a quicker alternative to the meal. Spinosad is a great choice as well. You can always go the natural route during flower, every insect has a predator. Indoors you shouldn't worry too much about pests. A good preventative measure and healthy environment will keep bugs away.

    Don't go spraying oil on your plants, @bryan oconner has made a thread on this before and couldn't provide any real results...Then stated it did nothing. Be weary of the advice you take.

    Good luck.
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  10. Wouldn't olive oil act as a solvent in flower as well?
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  12. Spinosad is a no-go for me. I'm glad it is working for you though!

    I like neem seed meal. I'm seeing too many known growers use it attest to it. Hell I know 100% one of my favorite growers around here uses neem seed meal in his supersoil. No taste at all. He has some of the tastiest bud I've ever had.
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    I suppose for the people that don't use it correctly, sure.

    So will watering your plants.


    Edit: Have you killed your plants with neem oil in the past? If so, what was your method of application?

  14. Rosemary, garlic, eucalyptus, lemon, thyme, Basil, lavender, neem, peppermint - all of these essential oils used in small amounts and emulsified with a small amount of dish soap (Dr Bronners and similar organic soaps work great) and mixed with water and used as a pesticide spray will all work excellent. By switching here and there also keeps pests from getting used to them. So many commercial greenhouses use what is referred to as an IPM program (Integrated Pest Management) whether there are pests or not to be proactive and to make things uncomfortable for the pests to begin with other.

    Prevention and not eradication.

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  15. The neem cake (neem seed meal) is great because it can not only be either added directly to your soil mix or scratched into the surface but you can also soak it in water at the rate of 1/8 to 1/4 cup per gallon for 48 hours stirring occasionally and then strain and spray for the same pesticide benefits that the neem oil would give you.

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  16. it did not kill the plants but some leaves . when the water in the bottle gets empty the oil gets thicker . and spraying it you will know when its starting to get empty and the neem oil came out heavy and did kill some leaves . if you do not want to try olive oil then you should not do so . also i suggest rosemary oil . lot of you will not like this as well . everybody has an opinion . no i do not post pictures on here . some people are not allowed to grow or are so big they cant afford to take a change put it that way . i did suggest you tried to spay the olive oil onto a out door plant first for comfort you would be crazy to listen to a guy off the internet . my opinion neem oil for the bugs i have to keep away like spider mites does not work . mites could care less with neem oil they kee on eating . my experience is from the worst conditions ever . you can learn a lot from working in these conditions .
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    I have no idea what this means - what water in the bottle?? Why would the oil get thicker? This makes no sense.

    People have been using neem as pest control for a very long time. I'm guessing it wasn't being used properly.

  18. ok oil settles on the top of the water . and when the water gets low the mixture of water and oil has to get thicker . even if your shaking it up often oil still settles to the top the tube of the bottle sprayer is on the bottom . if you do not understand this then dont worry about it . so if a person is not paying attention when the sprayer gets very low there will be straight oil out of the sprayer . this happened to me the plant leaves did get destroyed that had this thicker mixture on it . here is what i use to spray plants . Pressure Sprayer - 2 1/4 Gallon S-20860 - Uline
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    This is why it needs to be emulsified first???

    Sounds to me like you're simply trying to mix oil and water - ain't gonna happen. Emulsify it first and you'll never have an issue.


    Edit: the next time you want to use any type of oil as a pesticide, add the oil to a coffee cup of warm water first. Once you do this add either a silica product or a very small amount of liquid dish soap (Dr Bronners is organic and safe, for example)

    As soon as you add the silica or soap and give it a quick stir you'll see the mix turn a milky color and the oil and water will then be emulsified, and THEN you can add it to more warm water to spray safely.


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  20. anyone else follow the teachings of master gardener Jerry Baker? (not a weed guru) he had a plant wash that sounds similar dish soap, mouthwash, amonia, tea made from chewing tobacco sprayed on anything every 2 wks? works great in the legal garden.

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