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  1. So i've been gone from my place for a week and i left my plants with my friend. I come back and my plants have powder all over them. I found out its powder mildew...great, and from what i've read i was going to use neem oil to fix it. My ? is, how do i use it? How much do i put in? how many gallons/liters? Heres some pics so you know what im dealing with. My jedi death star has it the worst, than my pac10. I have them in a screen box to try and keep the spores from spreading any worse till i get the oil. PLEEASE anyone whos used neem oil before let me know whats up?

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  2. neem is ok, but you really need to get a handle on that problem quick. skunk patronus has a good recipe for PM that includes using milk, but the search wont work for me at the moment so i cant share his recipe with you....if you dig around a bit you can probablly find it, or hopefully hell pop in.

    bottom line, PM doesnt like to grow in alkaline conditions. that is why some people use a baking soda foliar spray for it. now, personally, i dont like to use baking soda but its your call.
  3. Have you personally ever used neem? I saw that recipe a while back, it was organic milk and rice i think. But i need something now, i dont want to wait a couple days for it to sit. Plus im not going to use baking soda just as a preference. I dont wanna spray my plants with it.
  4. I found neem oil at home depot.
  5. I sprayed with neem, but that was more preventative than anything. I went to my hydro store and told them my situation and this guy gave me a free sample of this pre-made fungicide. Its called SNS 224 by sierra natural science, and it worked great. I already see the mold going away, i guess its always going to be there but this stuff is all natural and when it shows up you just spray it and its gone in the next couple days. I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with powder mildew.

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