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  1. I have 100% neem oil is this the kind you use to control mites? Or some special hydro product?
  2. Yes. You have to dilute it and spray.
  3. had lots of mites on underside of the Q-cumbers leaves & white flies on the sunflowers so I mixed about 4 ounces to 2 gal.

    stuff works very good as long as you keep it up.
  4. Yeah make sure it's cold pressed and you should be set. Some mix it with warm water and a bit of dish soap to make it stick to leaves. Works great.
  5. ^^this. The warm water and drop of hand dish soap makes it mix more evenly with the water. Normally oil and water don't mix very well, as we all know. But make sure to let it cool before spraying the plants. And give the solution a shake before you use it each time because the oil will start rising back to the top.
  6. This is really worth the $10. (That's how much mine cost at least). It will kill your forearms trying to spray large gardens and grow rooms with a regular spray bottle. You can get away with a spray bottle for a few plants, but I totally recommend getting one of these if you have more than a couple. Makes spraying so much easier.
    Even if you only have a couple plants, the skinny wand is ideal for getting under leaves and in tight spaces.

  7. All excellent advise & all very true.
    The warm water along with a small amount of soap,..... which is a great surfactant to break up the neem oil in order for it to blend better , but without making the Neem Oil ineffective.
    both together, stay mixed a little longer than not..........,But will still separate, so frequent mixing is needed during spraying.

    I believe There's also organic Dish soap & shampoo that can also be used ,as a surfactant ,If you're particular about keeping things Organic.

    spray rig & nozzle also works great....... all just as mjmama says.
  8. Gonna have to grab one of those sprayers myself. You'd be amazed how buff your arm gets squeezing that damn regular spray bottle!;):)
  9. I had a thrip outbreak and ordered 750 ladybugs from ebay, got em' 2 days later.
    Them little bugs worked my weed leaf by leaf and you can't find a trace of a thrip.

    Don't know if they will eat your bugs, do a search to see. Better than spraying some damn chemical, but if your tent is in your house, the ladybugs will get out is the downside.
  10. Would it be ok to use neem soap too?

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