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    Now, i have a problem with spider mites, yet i don't want to spray them with pesticides because they are very late in flowering ( like 1,5 weeks left to harvest). So i did some research and found that, one way to fight them is with Neem oil.

    Yet there was one problem- i couldn't find one, but somehow is some weird indian store i finialy found one. But when i got home and started reading the inscription it kinda confused my. The thing is its not pure neem oil but its a mix of Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus Oil and the Neem oil in its basic meaning meant for facial care or something :D( all ingredients down). Yet the product is called Neem oil so it lets me to think it is proportionality more in the bottle. My question is can i use this to fight the spider mites problem, and will it hurt my plant or no?

    I have to mention tough - I live in east europe so i have big problems getting the things most talked about in these forums, so lets work on what we have :D

    Big list of ingredients:
    Light Liquid Paraffin,
    Sesame oil,
    Silicon oil,
    slm sdm 6029,
    Neem oil,
    Bergmot oil,
    Tea tree oil,
    Grape seed oil,
    Eucalyptus oil,
  2. This is a tough question...! so here goes, normally I'd go for the pure Neem oil, but the catch is, it would take over a week to see any improvements with the plants.

    Neem works by starving the little critters, blocking up their mouths and stuff, spraying the plants so late would only add a very BAD taste to the budd.

    A distraction strategy might do:
    See my blog for 'the yellow card trick' works for whitefly etc etc, try it for mites?
    see my blog for mites:

    Once your bug is hanging to dry, add some sticky stuff on the end of the drying lines
    to prevent the mites moving around from bud to bud, contain them in the drying room.

  3. Tnx , helped a lot.

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