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neem oil for spider mites

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by pillcosby559, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. i bought some neem oil today for my spider mite infestation. how often shoulfd i spray my plant down? and is it safe to spray the buds to?
  2. good choice. spray plants very well once every 7-10 days, and repeat 3-4 times depeding how bad they get. neem doesnt kill the mites, it makes them unable to reproduce, hence the weekly spraydowns for a month. that should destroy any colonies you may have. make sure to get the undersides of the leaves real good. it is safe to spray any part of the plant for about 3 days before harvest, but hopefully youd have the mite problem solved long before harvest.
  3. Don't spray your nugs! Unless it's a very bad infestation the mites will just stay on the leaves and try to avoid the buds. I would worry about your plants in veg first, and let the other ones finish flowering.

    How far into budding are you?
  4. You definitely don't want to let spider mites go unchecked for any period of time. They can take over in short order and ruin your crop. I use the neem as a preventative/treatment, but I also use an organic insecticide to kill them on contact. I alternate between the two treatments every few days if I have a problem. Just be careful not to coat your leaves in too thick a coat of neem. It can clog the stomata and smother your plants if you slather it on too thick or too often.

    Death to the mites.
  5. predator mites work well too. Have some friends who have used them. Good luck
  6. Thanks for the replys my girl is 2 and a half weeks into flowering so i shouldmt spray the buds just the leaves were i spot them? will it harm the buds if i do?
  7. the neem wont harm the buds at all, but i guess it would be better to not have to neem the buds, i wouldnt want to smoke neem.. id reccomend spraying all the leaves, even if the mites havent gotten to them yet, just as a preventative.
  8. You can also opt out for some lady bugs.. i just found out about it, i had a friend with the same problem and he got rid of them by adding a few lady bugs to his grow.. and it worked very well.. you can get em at a nursery and spots like that..
  9. i use to use neem oil to kill those little bastards, found out after 6 applications in 3 day intervals ( thats how long it takes for the eggs to hatch ) it didnt do shit. bought azamax watered with it and sprayed the leaves the same day, sprayed them every 3 days for 2 weeks and watered with it twice. everyone of those bastards is gone. pretty spendy for a small bottle but shit it works.

  10. What this member has said is most commonly true for all that acquire a spider mite infestation. If you continue any research about this, you will regularly see that is takes a variety of treatments to do away with them. Neem is great to use, but more so in combination with other treatments. Spider mites quickly become immune to Neem and other forms of pesticides. My best advice is to either order Predatory mites, or the Azamax or Azatrol or something comparable. Be ready for a long-winded fight with using just neem. In a short time, you will admit defeat with using only neem. If money is tight, rosemary oil is also said to help. You can find at a health food store or a GNC. Everything I have read says to hit them one week with one treatment and then the following week a treatment of another kind. Good luck with it, as we all know, this is one where you really need it.

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