Neem oil, fishing line, fence?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by kdizzle1976, May 16, 2010.

  1. I am about to transfer my seedlings to their prepared grow locations and I want to make sure they do not get eaten by slugs, deer etc.

    If I use neem oil will that take care of everything or do I still need to put up a fence and/or fishing line?

    A fence around each plant is going to be a lot of work and might draw unwanted attention to my plants. I just worked too hard on this for my plants to get eaten. What do you guys use?
  2. A fence being 18" or 24" chicken wire or it's equall cut in 20" -30" lenghts is not to much work. It's an essential.

  3. yeah it may be essential, but I believe hes asking if there is a more stealthy way to protect them
  4. I put chicken fencing around my plot, not individual plants. But really if your afraid of it not being stealthy enough, it sounds like you don't have a good spot to begin with.

    Moth balls and hair trimmings will help ward off some animals.

  5. and if you don't think you have a secure enough spot do you really wanna be spreading your DNA all over the place....just a thought. if 5oh somehow finds your spot and theirs hair everywhere dont you think they would get some as evidence....
  6. Im pretty positive that DNA is only in the follicle (root) for the hair . So if you were to get trimmings you will be fine, I get it from my hair dresser since its pretty common to use in the garden around here.
  7. also not to get off topic of your dna discussion:smoking: but how often should neem oil be applied?
  8. if you use hair trimmings use dog hair trimmings. i just brush my dogs and put it out there.

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