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  1. Anyone use this ? Was it effective ? Looking for a good organic insect control...
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    I apply it 2x a week during veg and into flower for the first 2 weeks or so. Used regularly it is an excellent product against mites, thrips, gnats as well as powdery mildew.

    Since it's not a poison in any sense, it actually feeds the plants. Seriously.

    Another neem seed product you might want to use is neem seed meal (aka neem seed cake) which is either mixed into the soil or used as a top dressing (my preferred method). Neem seed meal has an N-P-K of 5-1-2 and brings a lot of things to the organic party. Neem seed meal/cake is what is left over after the oil is pressed out of the neem tree seeds.

    Here's one brand that I know of that's relatively available - Down-To-Earth Neem Seed Meal

    As far as neem seed oil, I buy the 'Dyna Gro Neem Seed Oil' which is 100% pure and should run you about $9.00USD for an 8 oz. bottle. The rate of usage is 1/2 tsp. per quart. Use a wetting agent for maximum benefit. Hit all of the leaves (top and bottom), branches, stems, trunk, the top of the soil - drench the plant as much as possible.

    Application should be near the end of the light cycle to the extent possible.


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    What I found to be the best mixing process is to take and measure out the amount of neem seed oil that you need for the size of sprayer. This stuff has the viscosity of motor oil.

    Put in about a cup of the hottest water you can get from your tap, i.e. it's not necessary to boil the water or anything like that.

    Shake it around until you see the oil disperse (obviously since water & oil don't mix you won't see a complete mix). Add another cup or so of lukewarm water and shake some more.

    Add your wetting agent - the soap-based products work the best to suspend the neem seed oil in the water. Fill the sprayer up to the amount that you've measured for with semi-lukewarm water. Not so hot as to damage your plants but not as cold as it might be if you're on a well system for example like we are.

    Every minute or so you'll want to stop and shake the mixture up and keep things flowing.

    Cheap. Effective. Beneficial.

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    I too am on "well water", also have a small spring back in the trees. "Sweet" water but cold !!! real cold... This is my first grow up here, don't know what bugs I am fighting but will give Neem oil a try. I picked a strain that is resistant to mold for the summer rains, I do get a lot a grass hoppers in mid summer out in my clearing. Hoping that by then the plants will be big enough to withstand that. I do have a lot of deer to contend with. Will they munch the herb ? I ask because I stumbled on some pots growing on a neighbors property and was shocked to see them just sitting there with no defence. Started to think that maybe the deer don't bother them....Heard that predator urine works, am thinking about putting a black mesh fencing material around mine, you really can't see it once it's up.

    Just to make my point about the deer !
  5. I like neem oil, it works well for me, no complaints.

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