Neem cake, its amazing

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  1. Today after smoking a joint I walked to my grow. For the first time I actually thought about how my plants that didnt get neem cake differ from the ones that did get it. I now have four afghans at my bigger grow now and two bag seed plants. Two of my afghan got nitrogen and they are all over 6 feet tall the biggest one is maybe 6 foot 4 inches and the other is just a bit shorter at 6 feet. The two that had no nitrogen being fed to them are barely as tall as me, are less bushy and have not nearly as many preflowers, or bud sites. Although I been giving one non-neemcake plant more plant tone and some alfalfa (no other plants got kelp meal either) and its just littered with small forming bugs, assuming that their going to be as big as I think they will be their all bigger than my hand height wise. The two bag seed plants one got neem one didnt the one with neem cake, being sprayed on it the day before a rain at 6am has a better green color and is more thick.

    I think neem cake will be used in all my future grows somehow. I thought afghan was only suppos to be like 5 feet tall, 6 feet is awesome and they still seem to get bigger everytime I visit when I give them a little bit of neem cake every other week. I think this is a pure Afghan Kush strain because they been frozen since the 70's
  2. Hey,
    So many variables to consider with growing,
    I don't know if the symptoms of the large indica leafs that are crowding/some curled/ too short internodes, some initial tip curling down but it could have been any number of things.
    Too much kelp tea/ over LST of an Indica/ or too much neem cake tea.
    I don't know if the soil experiment had too much alfalfa and is too rich. The plants seem to be adjusting to it however and maybe they won't be permanently stunted from too much N
    In the soil mix I used a 2 month alfalfa hay and peat mixq. Kept it in a bucket watered like a plant for 2 months with no worms. It was largely "broken down" but I think I had too much alfalfa per cu ft of peat idk. That's what experiments are for,eh?

    It also could be slow growth since I LST'ed early and had too many stems. I took cuttings to make space. Now there are only 7 limbs per plant and only 8 inches tall butfull and not crowded with leaves.
    I am unaccustomed to growing indica so the tucking of fan leaves ain't so easy.

    My main concern is the leaf internodes being so short. If I transplant to a soil with less alfalfa might that stop?
    I backed off the kelp and neem cake tea for that reason.

    Letting them get some vertical growth however slowly it is healthy and happening. I think I should litfa.

    Can anyone describe the overdose of neem cake tea effects?
    Kelp? Alfalfa?
    I have NO burned tips; just a bit of clawing.

    Also I might manipulate the internodes to be shorter if I make them strecth for the light? But did I remember that the first few weeks of a plant they set their internode length as a child sets the number of fat cells beore the age of 1.
    So is it possible to get a plant to lengthen its internodes by backing off kelp or alfalfa or neem?
    Gonna try it.
    Sorry to sound like a nutbag.
    But truth be told....there are levels of complexity beyond human understanding.

    I ask because I am new at indica as well making alfalfa super saturated soil.
    How it relates to neem is possible.
    Don't worry everything is healthy, its just these short internodes are making me have to prune for some space.

    Good thing(?) I am almost out of neem cake.
    Thanks :)

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